Maximizing Resource Utilization: The Smart Approach of nexTrack

Maximizing Resource Utilization: The Smart Approach of nexTrack

For the last 80 years, nexAir has made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of industrial gas and welding supplies across the Southeast.

But beyond supplying precise, reliable, and high-quality products—we’re equally committed to using our KnowHow to help industries Forge Forward

nexAir believes in sharing its expertise and offering the highest levels of customer service. We don’t just want our customers to buy our products, we want them to succeed while using them. This involves figuring out ways for them to maximize their resources and focus on productivity. 

A big part of the solution is nexTrack—a combination of three innovative technologies that are streamlining our distribution, enhancing the customer experience, and going a long way in helping companies make the most of their resources. Here’s how it works: 


Most of our customers rely on a steady stream of high-quality gases to keep their processes running as effectively as possible. We understand that any delays in deliveries on our end can have a serious impact on our customer’s resources, adding pressure to their staff. 

With Roadnet, delivery delays have become a thing of the past. Through an automated process, customers receive notifications about their deliveries in real-time. They can easily access the delivery schedules of shipments, where they are, and receive notifications on any delays. Hence, customers can plan in advance and maximize their workforce.

Advanced Cylinder Management 

nexTrack’s second innovation is a cylinder management system. Our ACM system assigns unique identification numbers and barcodes to each cylinder leaving our facility. Apart from ensuring that empty cylinders are never delivered to our customers by mistake, it also helps them: 

  • Generate reports about the status of their cylinders, allowing for better utilization of assets
  • Reduce the need for time-consuming physical cylinder audits
  • Allow shipments and returns to be scanned electronically rather than documented by hand
  • Streamline cylinder management by allowing companies to assign cylinders between departments and reducing errors in allocating gas costs
  • Offering multiple scanning points in the supply chain to ensure minimal error and waste along with higher employee productivity

TIMS Electronic Delivery (TED) 

The third nexTrack technology is our electronic delivery service which allows drivers to work without dealing with printed documents. Meanwhile, customers can organize and manage their time more effectively. Through TED, our drivers can be more flexible in their deliveries, adjust to customer requirements, and accommodate any last-minute changes. 

This innovation anticipates and meets the logistical needs of our clients, allowing them to focus on their operations.

Make the Most of Your Resources with nexAir

There’s a reason why nexAir is so highly regarded among our loyal customer base. Our team of expert professionals has spent years sharing their expertise, technology solutions, and KnowHow with customers across industries. 

Through nexTrack, our delivery network and customers enjoy technology-enabled transparency, flexibility, higher levels of productivity, and convenience. This is one of the ways we enable you to Forge Forward and focus on business performance.

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