Medical Carbon Dioxide: How CO2 Is Changing the Healthcare Industry

Medical Carbon Dioxide: How CO2 is changing the healthcare industry

Carbon dioxide (CO2) surprisingly has quite a few uses in the medical and healthcare industry. Ranging from minor surgeries to Cryotherapy, CO2 has many great properties that make it a top choice within the evolving industry. 

What is carbon dioxide? 

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a colorless and non-flammable gas at normal temperature and pressure. It is the fourth most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere and is important to our everyday lives, to say the least. Carbon dioxide is used for important processes such as photosynthesis in plants, welding and fire extinguishers and of course, as a medical aid in the healthcare industry.

Common Medical Uses of CO2

Minimal Invasive Surgery:

The most common use of medical CO2 is to enlarge and stabilize body cavities during surgeries such as endoscopy, laparoscopy and arthroscopy. This helps to provide better visibility of the surgical area during the procedure. 

Specialized Mixtures: 

Carbon dioxide can be mixed with other gases such as oxygen to stimulate respiration in assessments of chronic respiratory diseases, stimulate breathing after apnea or under special conditions, it can be added to anesthetic mixtures. 

Handling CO2 With Care

While carbon dioxide has many positive qualities, it needs to be handled appropriately to ensure the safety of the individuals working with it. It is important to check the atmosphere that the CO2 is being used in, making sure that the levels remain at safe levels, at all times. Since human senses cannot detect when levels are off, there can be a buildup of the gas, which can begin to overwhelm the individuals around it. Signs of carbon dioxide poisoning include sickness and nausea, with too much resulting in death. This can easily be avoided with careful monitoring and proper handling of the gas. 

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