National Beer Day with nexAir

We find it’s best to celebrate National Beer Day with a cold one. Did you know that nexAir has the KnowHow to assist breweries with the beer-making process? When it comes to brewing beer, various gases are used throughout the entire process, from growing yeast to serving the perfect pour. Read on to learn more about how we supply high quality gases for the perfect brew!

Beers are born by first cultivating yeast cultures. During the fermentation process, additional oxygen can be inserted to promote growth. nexAir can provide oxygen to influence yeast growth! On the other hand, after fermentation, beer needs to be protected from oxygen to remain pure. Oxygen lowers the quality and taste of beer. To create a barrier, tanks and barrels are blanketed, or filled at the top of the tank with carbon dioxide. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, no oxygen can penetrate the beer.

Of course, the perfect beer needs to be perfectly carbonated. This is achieved through a carbon dioxide infusion into the beer. The amount you use can change the taste and palette of the beer. At nexAir we have the KnowHow to help you gauge an accurate amount of carbon dioxide from the tank. When beer is bottled or canned, carbon dioxide can also be used to clean the container before beer is injected into the can. Doing this also helps displace oxygen to keep the beer as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

When it comes to the perfect pour, carbon dioxide and nitrogen are your best friends. Most brewers use a combination of both nitrogen and carbon dioxide depending on the type of beer. For example, sometimes a stout or darker beer can be poured with extra nitrogen, resulting in a very smooth and less carbonated pour that heightens the aromatic taste. When measuring the amount of carbon dioxide to use, it’s important to note the current amount already present in the beer. This way, the additional carbon dioxide used will get rid of any excess oxygen, resulting in a longer lasting brew and a clean line for a clean taste!

Our food and beverage grade gases are compliant with the USDA, so rest assured that your beer will be safe and delicious from culture to pour. With gas from nexAir, you are free to be creative when it comes to brewing a great beer. Leave the science to us! We have the knowledge, technology, and techniques to assist you with the latest and greatest in the food and beverage industry. Give us a call today for more information on how our gases can help you brew the best beer!

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