Navigating Complex Industries: A Deep Dive into nexAir’s Industrial Gas Applications





Navigating Complex Industries: A Deep Dive into nexAir’s Industrial Gas Applications





Almost all industries rely on a steady stream of high-quality industrial gas for their operations. And no one knows this better than nexAir.

As a leading industrial gas supplier across the Southeast, our gases help fuel almost every sector, from aerospace to healthcare and beyond. 

In this blog, we’ll take a deep dive into nexAir’s most popular gases, and their various applications.


A colorless gas lighter than atmospheric air, acetylene is one of the hottest and most efficient fuel gases. It is used to produce variants of plastic, such as PVC and PVDF, which are used to fabricate various household and commercial products.

Acetylene also finds applications in welding and metal fabrication — it is used for spot heating, brazing, thermal spraying, and flame cleaning.

In research settings, acetylene is used for carbon dating.

Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia is a gaseous or compressed liquid form of ammonia that contains no water. In its liquid form, it is mixed with other plant growth enhancers, while in its gaseous form, it combines with the moisture in dirt to fertilize the soil.

Anhydrous ammonia is also used in the manufacturing sector for refrigeration and various metal treatments, as well as in the plastics industry — for the polymerization of styrene and the manufacture of different types of plastics. 

Carbon Dioxide 

This greenhouse gas has various industrial applications.

It is often found in the food and beverage sector, where it is used as a cryogenic agent for blast chilling or to carbonate beverages.

In healthcare, CO2 is combined with oxygen to aid in respiratory therapy and pulmonary function testing, while in welding and metal fabrication, it can be mixed with argon to act as a shielding gas.


Due to its non-reactive nature, argon finds applications across industries as a protective gas. It’s used in the aerospace and automotive industries for various welding and heat-treating processes and in construction for its excellent insulation properties.

It is often used to protect wine from oxidation in the food and beverage sector. 


Liquid helium is the coldest substance on Earth, making it an extremely useful cryogenic agent, as well as one of the most crucial components of MRI machines.

Its non-reactive properties, meanwhile, find applications in welding and metal fabrication processes, where it is used as a shielding gas or in heat treating processes.

In the aerospace industry, it can be used to purge hydrogen systems or pressurize fluid systems, while in the automotive industry, it is used as a test for leaks and to ensure various systems meet quality inspections. It is also filled in airbags along with argon.


Apart from being essential to survival, oxygen in its liquid and gaseous form is crucial to a host of industries — from healthcare to chemicals.

Apart from its obvious applications, it is also used in several welding processes for cutting, soldering, or brazing metals. In aerospace, liquid oxygen has prepared and launched many bipropellant vehicles and is used to support rocket fuel combustion. 

But that’s not all. nexAir is also a trusted supplier of several other medical, fuel, and specialty gases with applications across similar industries. Such as: 

  • Hydrogen 
  • Nitrogen
  • Propane 
  • Nitrous Oxide 

Forge Forward with nexAir’s KnowHow 

Since the 1940s, nexAir’s gas supply has adhered to top-tier quality and safety standards, enabling our customers to Forge Forward with much-needed reliability. Meanwhile, our KnowHow ensures that no matter the application, we have a gas suited for the purpose.


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