nexAir Celebrates Customers’ Success

nexAir Celebrates Customers’ Success

It’s no secret that at nexAir, we love a good success story. Practically everything thing we do from production, education and the training of our employees is for our customer’s benefit. No matter the industry or the project, we want to see you Forge Forward – your win, is our win! At nexAir, our employees are constantly amazed by how their customers excel at the projects they tackle, and while a sale is always nice, a successfully completed task is even better. The unique KnowHow of our professionals is key to helping our customers Forge Forward. Here’s a little more insight on how we get you there. 


Our nexAir team has undergone hours of education and field experience not only for their own benefit and safety but so our customers can make the most out of their time with us. When you purchase a piece of equipment, gas cylinders or the supplies you need for a project, you are purchasing more than that. Someone from our team will sit down and discuss your needs, find the right items for you and set everything up so you can begin your project without hesitation. 

Hands-On Training

The nexAir benefits do not cut off at the point of sale. Whenever your equipment or tools are delivered, one of our team members will go over the features and help you set up and then train you and your crew on how to properly use them. Your success is important to us – and even more important to the nexAir team member that helps you out. That is why we try to knock out any issues that you may have up front. The outcome of a successful set-up is a happy customer and a successful project! 

Constant Communication

We want to hear from you! Whether you have questions, concerns or need an extra hand to get you on the right track, give us a call. We are firm believers in the idea that having a successful business requires constant and thorough communication. Not only do we want to answer your questions and help troubleshoot, but we also want to hear your success stories! Our team loves to hear about a good outcome and how our customers Forge Forward. Please reach out and tell us about your wins – it will make our day! As always, we want to thank you for choosing nexAir for all of your gas and welding needs.

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