nexAir Delivers Quality, Reliability, and Confidence

nexAir Delivers Quality, Reliability, and Confidence

The secret to business success is making sound investments. This primarily entails offering relevant training for employees as well as investing in the right tools and equipment from trusted manufacturers and suppliers. 

When you acquire the best equipment for your business, it becomes easier to maintain the quality of your products and services. Having dependable equipment and supplies also optimizes operations by minimizing delays and disruptions.

nexAir delivers quality and reliable equipment and supplies so your business can Forge Forward without interruptions. Let’s discuss nexAir’s quality gases, products, and KnowHow that are designed to help you succeed.

Prioritizing Safety in Product Handling and Shipping

Safety is more than a goal for nexAir. It’s a way of life. We emphasize it in our everyday operations to ensure that all employees and customers are as safe as possible when handling our gas products and welding supplies.

When it comes to safety, our first step is to provide regular training for all plant personnel regarding the safe handling, filling, and transportation of our gas cylinders and other products. New plant employees train with veteran employees so they can fully understand our safety practices. These training sessions also ensure the consistent quality of our products.

We’re committed to delivering gases and equipment that exceed regulations and your expectations. Our goal is to get them to you safely and in a timely manner. Our RoadNet software supports this by allowing you to sign up for cylinder tracking alerts so you have a real-time view of your deliveries.

Choosing Quality Gases and Equipment for Every Application

You can count on nexAir to deliver gases and equipment that match your needs and exceed your expectations whether you run a fully-automated CNC setup, welding shop, or healthcare facility. Our gases are ready to be mixed, filled, and tested so we can deliver them to your location promptly and meet your project requirements.

We offer a wide range of industrial, medical, high-purity, and specialty gases that are transported in recyclable and sustainable gas cylinders. We also sell and deliver microbulk gas products that are suitable for large operations and smaller companies that want to free up storage space and minimize cylinder handling costs.

We also provide welding supplies and equipment from trusted brands. These include MIG and TIG tools, welder generators, safety equipment, and welding consumables that you might need. These products are available for sale and for rent. Moreover, nexAir has a team of repair technicians who help eliminate downtime.

Making the Most of nexAir Products and Services

At nexAir, we combine quality products, expert services, and comprehensive KnowHow to deliver complete confidence and contribute to the success of your business. We stick with industry standards and strive to exceed your expectations with our products, services, and industry insights. 

But of course, every business is unique — you have specific goals and concerns — so we are always available to accommodate your requests and inquiries. 

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