nexAir Demo Days: Hands-On Experience with Cutting-Edge Welding Automation



nexAir Demo Days: Hands-On Experience with Cutting-Edge Welding Automation



In the last few decades, automated welding has emerged and made traditional welding processes more efficient, cost-effective, and precise.

Automated welding uses robots to improve the quality and speed of welds. While the concept has been explored in various forms for the last 50 years, the introduction of newer tools has made the life of a welder easier. 

At nexAir, we believe that professionals should be able to Forge Forward with the latest technology and KnowHow at their disposal. This is why we believe in sharing our expertise with our customers through our automation Demo Days.

What are nexAir Demo Days?

nexAir Demo Days are events hosted at our branches and demonstration labs spread across the Southeast. 

During the event, we feature and introduce welders to the latest developments in welding technology. We also offer hands-on training for a number of cutting-edge systems, including: 

  • Laser welding and cutting systems
  • State-of-the-art MIG and TIG welding
  • Plasma cutting systems
  • CNC-controlled cutting tables
  • Robotic work cells
  • Automation systems
  • Robotic positioning equipment

Apart from these systems, we also showcase and demo some of the latest welding products offered by our partners such as: 

  • ALM positioners that can boost productivity levels by up to 40%
  • IPG LightWELD, a handheld laser welding system that is easy to operate
  • Vectis Cobot, a portable welding device equally suited for high-volume and small fabrication projects


Benefits of Attending Demo Days

What can you gain from attending our Demo Days? Here are a few of their benefits. 

Work More Efficiently

During Demo Days, we train welding professionals to be more efficient by showing them how they can make the most of the latest gear and techniques. We offer basic training on various systems that beginner to more specialized welders can use so they can work smarter, not harder.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs 

After one visit to our demonstration lab, you won’t need to purchase instruction videos or workbooks. There is no need to rely on an external source to learn how to do your job the right way. Once a team has successfully learned from our expertise, they will be more productive and efficient, thus allowing facilities to save on the costs of materials while reducing downtime.

Learn Advanced Processes Quickly 

Automated systems may be a game-changer, but they’re not immediate fixes. In fact, it may take a lot of training before even the best welders understand how to make the most of them. During our demos, however, you can learn through hands-on training and start tackling complicated systems with confidence. 

We also sell all the equipment featured in our labs during Demo Days. So, if you like what you see, you can leave with technology that you already know how to use. 

Forge Forward with nexAir 

For over 80 years, nexAir has been at the forefront of welding. We not only sell the highest quality welding equipment, we also share our KnowHow so our customers can make the most of them. Join our next Demo Day to learn how to optimize your welding processes.


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