nexAir KnowHow in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry remains one of the most important sectors in the country and globally. Its growth is synonymous with economic growth, reduced cost of living, and production of quality products. 

For that reason, it is necessary for all the stakeholders to do all it takes to help the industry Forge Forward. nexAir has demonstrated willingness and ability to take the manufacturing sector to the next level. That can be seen through the various technological innovations and expanding range of services we deliver. 

At nexAir, we are all about making sure the manufacturing industry is utilized to its full potential. We do this in a variety of ways:

We keep you current with technology

One of the benefits that you get for choosing nexAir to provide solutions for your manufacturing plant is that we use modern technology in all our work. We know that technology is ever-evolving. Thus, we continually train our team on what is current in the market. 

When you let us deploy manufacturing gas solutions in your plant, you can be sure that we will use state-of-the-art equipment made using the latest technologies. 

We want to prepare you for the future. As a result, all our installations are done in such a way that they can grow with your business. 

We provide you with access to the required gases

We appreciate that the manufacturing sector cannot afford to compromise on timing, quality, and efficiency when it comes to meeting client needs. For that reason, you need to work with a team that has technical KnowHow of the deliverable. nexAir is well endowed with a knowledgeable team that delivers beyond expectation.

The industry gases that we handle include:

  • Argon

We provide high-quality argon, which is necessary for preventing oxidation. Additionally, the gas is used in different types of arc welding, like in gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc welding. 

  • Hydrogen

Hydrogen forms an important part of different industrial processes. nexAir delivers top-quality hydrogen gas for industrial purposes like producing fertilizer, treating metals, refining petroleum, and processing foods. Hydrogen can also be used to produce electricity. Hydrogen fuel cells combine oxygen and hydrogen atoms to produce electricity. Different types of these cells have a variety of applications, including laptops, computers, cell phones, and military applications.

  • Nitrogen

Nitrogen gas has a wide range of industrial applications. The gas has inert properties, making it ideal for use by food processing, brewery and beverage industries. Oil and gas recovery similarly have numerous applications for nitrogen. nexAir plays a vital role in taking manufacturing to the next level by ensuring accessibility to the gas. At nexAir, we are specialists in providing excellent nitrogen gas systems to facilitate manufacturing operations.

  • Oxygen

Industrial oxygen plays various roles in steelmaking and in metal fabrication processes. The gas also has applications in petroleum processing, ceramic manufacturing, and paper manufacturing.

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