nexAir in Agriculture: How Dry Ice Allows the Meat and Poultry Industry to Forge Forward

Article TitlnexAir in Agriculture: How Dry Ice Allows the Meat and Poultry Industry Forge Forward e Here

Have you ever wondered how the gas industry intertwines with agriculture? Believe it or not, nexAir plays a key role in supplying the agriculture industry with the gases, products and services that it needs to produce the best, highest quality products for consumption. Specifically, dry ice is a vital component in the meat and poultry sector by keeping products fresh, cold and sanitary at all times. Here’s a closer look: 


Dry ice pellets are commonly used during the processing of poultry and meats to keep the meat cool and fresh after slaughter before it gets shipped away. Not only will this keep the temperatures down, but it will also help to reduce the spoilage of the meats during production. In the poultry and meat industry, it is critical to keep items fresh and at cold temperatures during all stages – and dry ice pellets allow manufacturers to achieve just that. 

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging your meats with dry ice is an ideal method due to its reliability, quality and long-lasting capability. When shipping meats, it is a well-known fact that they must stay frozen at all times in order to adhere to the required health quality and to maintain freshness. Dry ice allows these items to be safely transported from point A to point B, without ever losing that desired freshness. With nexAir Carbonic, we provide your factories and facilities with a constant supply of dry ice blocks and sliced blocks for all of your shipping needs. 


Keeping a clean and sanitary workspace is vital to meeting the food production safety standards. Dry ice blasting uses small, dry ice pellets that are moisture-free, non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-conductive. The pellets sublimate on contact and leaves behind nothing extra to dispose of. This is an ideal method for most due to its functionality, effectiveness and quick cleaning times. Cleaning the meat and poultry factories with dry ice has many benefits, here are some that sit at the top of our list: 

  • Eliminates soot, toxic residues and odors
  • Removes and slows the growth of mold, mildew and fungus
  • Cleans production residues and contaminants 
  • Disappears on contact
  • Near-perfect clean

The agriculture industry is vital to our day to day lives and is in constant need of high-quality products to keep products and facilities safe, clean and fresh. At nexAir, we use our applied KnowHow in the gas and agriculture industries to allow our customers to Forge Forward. nexAir Carbonic delivers a steady supply of dry ice to facilities and factories, while our team continues to deliver confidence! Reach out to us to get started today. 


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