nexAir in Diving

nexAir in diving

nexAir in Diving

Providing the right mix of gases is critical when it comes to diving. At nexAir, we use our KnowHow to better understand the industry and provide mixes that allow for work and recreation beyond normal depths. Let’s take a deeper dive into the gases that are vital to exploring and working underwater, safely.

Gases Used for Diving

Whether you are diving for recreation, research or work, having a thorough understanding of what gases you are using and why you are using them is so important. Each gas in the diving industry serves a unique purpose and when used properly, allows you to explore with the peace of mind and reassurance to do what you love with ease, care and confidence. Here’s four of the main gases used in diving:

Argon: Because of its thermal insulation properties, argon (Ar) is used to inflate dry suits for deep sea diving.

Helium: Helium (He) is an industrial carrier gas for oxygen in synthetic breathing mixtures, enabling deep-sea divers to conduct scientific explorations and develop offshore oil and gas resources.

Nitrogen: Nitrogen (N2), the main component of air, is the most affordable and most common industrial gas for shallow diving.

Oxygen: Oxygen (O2) is an essential component of every breathing gas mixture. Mixes that contain less than 21% oxygen are used in technical diving as deep breathing gases.

3 Common Recreational and Non-Recreational Gas Mixes Used in Diving

Nitrox: Nitrox is a gas mixture that is favored amongst recreational divers because it helps allow for increased bottom time. Nitrox is a gas that consists of nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrox was developed to reduce the risk of nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness that is associated with compressed air.

Trimix: This mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium is commonly used for technical and commercial diving. This is because it allows the diver to go beyond limits of recreational diving with less risk of oxygen toxicity.

Hydrox: Hydrox is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen and is used in deep, deep diving. It is one of the more affordable options and has little to no toxicity – so it can be used at depths of several hundred meters.

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Our skilled team of experts applies their KnowHow to ensure that every fill, mixture and process is top-of-the-line, from start to finish. Each and every gas is ready to be mixed, filled and tested to meet the unique needs of your project, helping you Forge Forward in all that you take on. So, what are you waiting for? Get started and breathe easier knowing that you have the right gas, at any depth!

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