nexAir in Electronics

nexAir in electronics

The role of gas companies, such as nexAir, in the electronics industry may not be immediately obvious, but it is a crucial one. In fact, without our involvement, the production of electronics as we know it today would not be possible. nexAir provides a range of gases that are essential in the manufacturing of electronic components such as semiconductors, microchips, and flat-panel displays. These gases are used in various stages of the manufacturing process, from cleaning and etching to deposition and packaging.

Common Gases & Their Uses in the Electronic Industry:


One of the most commonly used gases in electronics manufacturing is nitrogen. Nitrogen is an inert gas that is used to prevent oxidation and contamination during the production process. It is also used in the packaging of electronic components to prevent moisture and other contaminants from damaging the components.


Another gas that is widely used in electronics manufacturing is argon. Argon is used in the production of flat-panel displays and in the manufacturing of semiconductors. It is also used as a cooling gas in high-temperature processes.

Hydrogen, Oxygen, Helium & Chlorine

Other gases used in electronics manufacturing include hydrogen, oxygen, helium, and chlorine. Hydrogen is used in the production of silicon wafers, which are a key component in the production of microchips. Oxygen is used in the production of glass substrates for flat-panel displays. Helium is used as a cooling gas in high-temperature processes, while chlorine is used in the etching of semiconductor materials.

More than a Gas Provider

Gas companies also play a role in the development of new electronic technologies. For example, the development of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) for use in flat-panel displays requires the use of specialized gases such as nitrogen and oxygen. Gas companies have been instrumental in developing and supplying these gases to manufacturers.

The use of gases in electronics manufacturing has come under increased scrutiny in recent years due to concerns over their impact on the environment. Many of these gases are greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. As a result, gas companies have been working to develop more sustainable manufacturing processes and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

One way that gas companies are addressing these concerns is by developing new technologies for gas purification and recycling. For example, many gas companies are now using membrane technology to purify gases, which reduces the amount of waste produced during the purification process. They are also developing technologies for the recycling of gases, which can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources.

As you can see, gas companies such as nexAir play a crucial role in the electronics industry. They provide the gases that are essential for the production of electronic components and are involved in the development of new electronic technologies. At nexAir, we provide our customers with a high quality, steady supply of gas, for a range of different uses. Not only do we supply the gas, but our team is also there every step of the way to ensure the best possible results. The nexAir team has years of experience and industry learned KnowHow, and is ready and able to answer any questions you may have when it comes to supplying gas for your electronic business. If you are interested in working with us, please reach out – we can’t wait to help you Forge Foward! 

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