nexAir in Nitro Brew Coffee

NexAir in Nitro Brew Coffee

Nitro brew coffee, also called nitro cold brew is a popular choice in the specialty coffee space. Its exact origin is debatable but this innovative coffee started being served in third wave coffee shops in Portland Oregon in 2013. Back then, it was a novel coffee that quickly found its way to the mainstream. Now, it enjoys a cult following with the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts offering it on their menu.

But what exactly is nitro brew coffee and what makes it a crowd pleaser in coffee houses?


Nitrogen Infused Concoction

Nitro brew coffee is simply cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. The unique thing about it is that the ground coffee beans are steeped in water for long hours, charged with the odorless and colorless nitrogen, and dispensed using a stout tap, like what you usually find in bars. 

Nitro coffee has become a favorite among coffee enthusiasts because it elevates the already popular cold brew to a higher level of coffee experience. Imagine the richly flavored and non-acidic cold brew coffee made more foamy and velvety in texture when infused with nitrogen. The mouthfeel is impeccable and the smooth consistency is distinctively delicious.


How Nitro Brew Is Made

The infusion of nitrogen in the cold brew is not really a first in beverages. Some craft beers are also made using this technique. The result is a rich, silky foam on top that makes the drinking a sensational experience for beer fans.  

Another type of gas, carbon dioxide, is mixed with soda to create the rich bubbles and fizz carbonated drinks are known for. Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen produces very fine bubbles, so the effect is more on the creamy than bubbly side.

Indeed, these gas infusion innovations have a way of switching things up for our favorite classic drinks.

Nitro brewed coffee is created using a distinct process. The first step is to brew the coffee grinds in cold or room temperature water for 24 hours. The next step is to infuse nitrogen gas into it using a pressurized valve. This will make the cold brew frothy and satiny on top without using any dairy. The creamy layer gradually cascades down to the bottom, making the nitro coffee experience unique and special. 


ForgeForward With Frothy Goodness

Your coffee shop’s success hinges greatly on trying and inventing gas infused coffee blends, making a variety of flavor options. From combining espresso with sparkling water, to adjusting the ratio of ground coffee to water, you can innovate your own signature coffee using nexAir’s reliable gas supplies. 

Rely on the KnowHow of our team of experts to provide training to your baristas on how to use nitrogen and other gases to up the ante of your coffee menu. The possibilities are endless!

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