nexAir in the Chemical Industry

nexAir in the Chemical Industry

When it comes to chemical engineering, manufacturing, and related industries, it’s important to have a supplier that understands your specific needs and can partner with you. 

At nexAir, we’re committed to creating lab mixed gases which are absolute essentials in chemical testing, production, manufacturing, and processing. In this article, we’ll outline all the lab mixed gases we supply and what industries have partnered with us to Forge Forward in their endeavors. 


Our Industry Gases

Our expert team produces the absolute essential gases in our very own labs here at nexAir. 


When used in its purest form, oxygen (O2) is used to produce a variety of important chemicals, such as ethylene oxide and titanium dioxide. Oxygen is also used to boost the oxidation process’s capacity and efficiency.


Hydrogen (H2) is used in the chemical industry to make ammonia and methanol, but it is also essential in the production of aniline, cyclohexane, and a variety of non-edible oils, plastics, and insulation materials.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a raw material used in the production of organic and inorganic chemicals. It is frequently used to substitute solvents in chemical synthesis and separation procedures.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a critical component of the chemical industry. It is a component of many industrial chemicals such as methanol, acetic acid, isocyanates, oxo alcohols, and many others.


Helium (He) performs the very crucial role of detecting leaks in chemical processes and cooling analytical equipment. This is because it remains a gas even at very low temperatures.


Nitrogen (N2) is used in the chemical industry as a pressurizing agent, and it can help push liquids through pipelines. It is also used to protect oxygen-sensitive materials from exposure to air.

Industry Specific Gases 

We make industrial standard gases, sustainable gas cylinders, bulk gas supply for medical and healthcare industries, and so much more. 


Who We Serve

We’re not just limiting ourselves to one particular industry or market. We pride ourselves in our reach when it comes to several industries like welding, building, healthcare, airways, chemical, energy, food and beverages, plastics, diving, shipbuilding, etc. We provide suites of different gases for each specific industry according to their specific demands. 

When it comes to the chemical industry, whether your needs are cooling, heating, or combustion to keep your infrastructure going, we’ve got you covered. 

We believe that “the formula to success starts with bonding with the right partner.”


Why partner with nexAir?

Chemical testing and production go hand in hand with manufacturing of any kind. It necessitates repeatability and consistent quality gases, which nexAir excels at. 

We can help you achieve highly efficient combustion with oxygen-enriched gases or make your cryo systems more efficient with the right gas mix for faster cooling by applying our KnowHow to your needs.

Whether it’s for combustion, cooling, or anything in between, our in-house team of professional chemists will work with you to keep your facility running with high-grade gases.

Learn more about our specialty gases created in our own gas lab and contact us so we can assist you in your scientific endeavors.

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