nexAir Partners with Local Breweries Amid CO2 Shortage

NexAir Partners With Local Breweries Amid CO2 Shortage

Breweries in Memphis, TN remain wary about the carbon dioxide shortage in the country because of how it could affect the beer supply. It hasn’t reached an alarming level, but it’s understandably something that should remain on the radar of beer companies.

As a dependable gas supplier in the region, nexAir was honest about the possibility of a regional supply shortage of carbon dioxide but was also quick to assure its partners that it will take care of beer suppliers first. The company recommends CO2 refills when supplies are a quarter depleted instead of waiting until they’re almost out. This simple modification in reordering policies can provide manufacturers with greater peace of mind. 

Despite the shortage, local breweries are experiencing a steady supply of CO2 thanks to nexAir. As we continue to cement our partnership with local breweries, let’s dive into the importance of having a steady supply of gases for the beer industry.

Why do local breweries need a dependable gas supplier?

The brewery industry continues to grow every year. There is a steadily rising interest in signature craft beers from small, independent breweries. The team at nexAir is determined to help these breweries Forge Forward by providing the resources they need to brew small batches of craft beer that’s served in local pubs.

Our strong relationships with local breweries enabled us to understand the importance of using the right gases to make craft beer that is popular and well-loved among local communities. 

Let’s take a closer look at carbon dioxide and other gases that are needed in the brewing process:

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide has multiple uses in brewing. Most importantly, it helps with oxygen removal to prevent the beverage from oxidation. Carbon dioxide is also used for carbonation, pressure transfer, beer dispensation from kegs to mugs, and container cleanup processes.


Oxygen plays a major role in the fermentation process by helping the yeast grow and reproduce. The amount of oxygen needs to be precise since it can affect the beer’s taste, aroma, and texture.


Breweries use nitrogen in its liquid form. This gas helps prevent product oxidation in pressurized containers.

Local breweries use carefully handpicked ingredients to produce the signature taste and aroma of their craft beers. However, it’s not entirely about the yeast, hops, and sugar sources. Quality gas supplies are also necessary for creating a customized craft beer profile.

Ask About CO2 and Other Gas Supplies at nexAir

After more than 80 years of providing precise industry-grade gases, we remain dedicated to helping you maintain the quality of your brewery products. Our team is aware that the quality and quantity of gases used in your beer brewing process can affect the aroma, taste, texture, shelf life, and packaging of your beverages. We thus provide high-purity, industry-grade gases and comprehensive KnowHow to support your brewery business.

Contact us for gas products, services, and after-sales support that will help your business develop an outstanding signature craft beer that is distinctive and consistent.


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