nexAir: We Love Celebrating Our Customers

nexAir: We Love Celebrating Our Customers

For over 80 years, nexAir has provided high-quality gas and welding supplies to several industries across the Southeastern USA.

Initially established in Memphis, Tennessee in 1940, Standard Welding Supplies eventually changed its name to nexAir. It has since grown by leaps and bounds. In 2020, our company was lauded as the best-managed US company.

What makes nexAir stand out from the rest? Our customers and how we serve them.

nexAir’s market spans a broad range of industries from healthcare, aerospace to automotive, construction to energy, and manufacturing to maintenance.

Our high-quality gases and state-of-the-art welding supplies serve a number of applications — whether it’s helping workshops increase their output, hospitals that save lives, or aircraft programs that fly us into the future.

Take a look at some of the customers we have helped Forge Foward:


The global forming, welding, and assembling company partnered with nexAir to create wire seat frames for Tesla and Mercedes vehicles. We provide the tools they need to meet demand, giving them the freedom to focus on innovation.  

Taylor Machine Works

This family-owned business in Louisville, Mississippi has been at the forefront of the material-handling equipment industry for nearly 100 years. As their trusted partner, nexAir ensures they have access to the latest welding technology. 

Pitts Trailers 

One of the country’s largest trailer manufacturers, Pitts Trailers has consistently innovated over the years to meet growing customer demand. With our KnowHow and technology, they continue to focus on providing top-of-the-line reliable trailers without worrying about where to get high-quality equipment. 

Wiseacre Brewing Company 

An integral part of the Memphis community, Wiseacre is a brewing company that crafts its own delicious beer. nexAir is a proud supplier of nitrogen, which the company uses to push the beer out of their kegs, and carbon dioxide, which they use to carbonate their beverages.

nexAir’s Unrivaled Customer Support 

While nexAir’s products offer unmatched quality, we aren’t just known for our supplies.

nexAir is also dedicated to offering our customers the KnowHow they need so they can use the best tools to maximize capacity while adapting to constantly evolving technology.

As proof that we love our customers, we have a friendly, responsive, and efficient customer support center. We make sure that our front liners are the most knowledgeable and experienced industry representatives.

Our experts are ready to solve any problem, whether it’s related to equipment repairs, training, welding supplies and rentals, bulk gas systems, or automation.

At the same time, our solutions and services go beyond operations. They encompass operations, delivery, customer service, and financial considerations.

As our customer, all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Come Celebrate with Us

nexAir doesn’t just sell gas supplies and lease welding tools. We are devoted to our craft and want industries to succeed for the greater good.

Whether it’s helping a metal-working shop in Alabama quadruple its output with one small purchase, rebuilding a community hospital in rural Mississippi, or helping companies deal with a nationwide helium shortage, we use our KnowHow to help all our customers Forge Forward. Come and celebrate with us as our customer and partner!


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