nexAir Welding Rental: Never Be Out of a Job

nexAir Welding Rental: Never be out of a job

Is your equipment being repaired and you need something to keep the job going? Or maybe you have a temporary project and you are not quite ready to commit to purchasing that bigger piece of equipment. No matter the situation, nexAir Welding Rental is your answer! At nexAir, we strive to help our customers Forge Forward – especially by lending you some of the essentials you need to successfully complete a project. By investing in our welding rental service, we can guarantee you will never be out of a job. 


What’s in it for you? 


Has there ever been something you wanted to give a try, but weren’t exactly sure if you were ready to drop the money? From MIG machines to cutting tools, we have everything you need to complete your welding tasks, without having to commit to the purchase. In case you didn’t know, at nexAir, we use our KnowHow to repair equipment that may be broken, overused or just not working correctly. Our welding rental program is the perfect solution for when your essential tools are here with us. 


How it works


When you contact us at nexAir, we will set you up with all the equipment you need, when you need it. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will use their KnowHow and help you set everything up from the start and be there to answer any questions over the course of the rental. We will ensure that everything is operating correctly and give you all the information you need to get your job done right. If you have any problems or questions, we are just a phone call away and will be glad to help you make sure the equipment is running properly and efficiently. 


Why nexAir? 


At nexAir, we continue to stay dedicated to helping you Forge Forward in all that you do. So, when it comes to renting equipment, we can guarantee you will receive nothing less than top-of-the-line technology, quality and service. As a nexAir customer, you can rest assured in knowing that you are getting the tools and expertise to get the job done right, the first time around. 


If you have an upcoming temporary project, have equipment here with us being repaired, or are interested in trying out something new, please contact us to get started. As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have to help you Forge Forward. 

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