nexAir’s Gas Blending Mastery: Customized Solutions for Every Application

When it comes to mixed gases, precision is key. nexAir understands the importance of delivering precise gases. After all, mistakes, inefficiencies, and oversights can lead to operational setbacks, inconsistencies, and even accidents.

Because our processes are painstakingly oriented towards the production of specialty gases that meet stringent standards, customers from a wide range of industries have come to rely on our supplies.

Take a look at some industries that have benefitted from our mixed gases.


Various gas blends are used in welding to achieve specific results. A 75% argon and 25% carbon dioxide mix is widely used for mild steel while delivering a good bead profile and arc characteristic with less spatter.  

Another common blend is oxygen and acetylene. Acetylene fuels fire while oxygen intensifies its heat. This gas blend is ideal for welding steel materials as it enhances the weld’s quality without sacrificing cost efficiency. 

On the other hand, oxygen blended with argon is favored by some companies for the clean weld it offers between carbon steel and high alloy steel materials. 

These and other blended gases are essential materials in many industries that employ welding as part of their production process. nexAir delivers reliable gas blends for different welding techniques, giving companies access to consistent, strong, and clean welds.  

Medical Care

Oxygen and nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a blend used to sedate patients and relieve pain during surgery. This gas blend is supplied to the anesthetic machine where the anesthesiologist controls the concentration according to the patient’s needs.

Other gas blends, like carbon dioxide and helium, are sometimes added to stimulate breathing and reduce flow resistance. Meanwhile, oxygen and nitrogen blends are used in neonatal care and respiratory support. 

It is crucial to source high-quality, medical-grade gas blends from a trusted partner like nexAir to ensure patient safety.

Food and Beverage Packaging

Modifying the atmosphere in packaging is necessary to maintain the quality, texture, and flavor of fresh produce. The most common gases used in packaging food and beverages are nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. This mixture requires customization based on the packaged food’s stability and its tendency to grow mold.

Over the years, nexAir has become a trusted partner of several food and beverage companies that serve regional and global markets. 

Beer Brewing 

Carbon dioxide and nitrogen, also known as beer gas, play a key role in draft beer’s consistency and flavor.  Different ratios are specifically formulated to suit different types of beer. 

Nitro beer, for example, uses a higher percentage (70%) of nitrogen and just 30% carbon dioxide, creating a thicker foam of bubbles, and a velvety smooth texture. 

Brewers require different blend specifications to help them achieve the right flavor and fizz for their beer brand. nexAir provides them with custom blends to suit their precise requirements.

Forge Forward by Leveraging Our Gas Blending Expertise

For many years, various businesses and institutions have partnered with nexAir for its reliable supplies of customized gas blends. This has enabled our customers to ensure the integrity and quality of their systems and processes. 

We also offer nexAir KnowHow so our clients can remain updated on the latest techniques involving the use of our products. This allows them to stay competitive, enhance their operations, cut costs, and Forge Forward.

Let nexAir help drive your success with blended gas products that have been crafted with expertise, precision, safety, and compatibility in mind. 


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