nexAir’s Industry Expertise Helps You Grow into the Future

nexAir’s Industry Expertise Helps You Grow into the Future

What do a surgeon in an operating room and an industrial welder have in common? Chances are, they both use nexAir’s high-quality products.

Since the 1940s, nexAir has been the leading supplier of gases and welding equipment across the Southeast. Whether it’s servicing the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, or food processing industries, nexAir provides products that work flawlessly every time.

But at the end of the day, nexAir doesn’t just add value through the products we offer, we also have deep industry knowledge that our clients can tap into. With KnowHow from our team of trained professionals, companies can focus on customer satisfaction, improving margins, productivity, and growing their business. 

Here are some real-world examples of how nexAir has helped companies Forge Forward:

How We Dealt with the Helium Shortage

In early 2022, one of nexAir’s customers, a manufacturer of drivetrain components, was looking to scale production. To do so, they would have to increase their helium usage by 50% which was in short supply at the time. 

With nexAir’s expertise, the customer was able to find a solution that didn’t require purchasing extra helium. 

One of nexAir’s experts brought in a company to evaluate the customer’s pipelines. By simply plugging all the leaks, the customer was able to reduce their gas volumes by 33%. nexAir then advised the customer to reduce their helium mixture by 10%, a step that allowed them to produce the same results while consuming less of the precious gas. 

With our advice, the customer not only successfully navigated the helium shortage, but was able to grow production while making huge savings.

How We Quadrupled a Working Shop’s Output

In the same year, a metal working shop in Stevenson, Alabama reached out to nexAir because it was struggling to meet the demands of a new customer. The shop employed two welders who produced one part each daily over a span of eight hours.

After reviewing their processes, nexAir recommended adding a new easy-to-program welding tool to their operations. This simple purchase allowed each welder to produce four complete parts in the time that they previously used to produce one. 

How We Helped Rebuild a Community Hospital

In 2016, a hospital in Marks, Mississippi closed suddenly, leaving the community without basic medical support. Five years later, a local doctor realized that if the hospital didn’t reopen by October 31st of that year, it would lose its Certificate of Need and would never be able to reopen in the state of Mississippi. 

The rebuilding process began in the last week of September  2021. With a looming seven-week deadline, nexAir stepped in. Our Cryogenics Team offered a temporary portable oxygen trailer and worked tirelessly to fill the unit. By the last week, we had delivered all the cylinders and the hospital was able to meet state requirements. It renewed its certificate on October 29th, a day before the deadline.

nexAir’s Expertise Helps Companies Grow

As these case studies show, nexAir isn’t just committed to selling high-quality products and making profits. For the last 80 years, we’ve used our expertise to help industries Forge Forward. With the right KnowHow and supplier, even the most complex problems can have viable solutions.


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