nexAir’s KnowHow: Sharing Insights and Best Practices for Industrial Gas Applications



nexAir’s KnowHow: Sharing Insights and Best Practices for Industrial Gas Applications



Knowing the right insights and best practices for industrial gas applications is critical for any production facility. Having this KnowHow enhances worker safety, improves efficiency, boosts productivity, and ultimately impacts your bottom line.

What are the insights and best practices we recommend for industrial gas applications? Let’s find out.

Pick the Right Gases

This may seem obvious, but its importance cannot be overstated. In industrial settings, mixing and matching gases is a dangerous and ineffective practice. Customers must determine the exact supplies they need based on purity levels, pressure, compatibility, and other criteria. 

The right gas will also be influenced by the type of operations you’re performing and which industry you’re in. The gases needed by metallurgy, robotics, medical facilities, cryogenics, and automotive manufacturing, for example, are different.

Fortunately, the nexAir team can help you select the precise gases you need for your operations.

Ensure You Have Adequate Safety Protocols

Safety must be a major priority in the workplace. Industrial operations carry out many hazardous activities. Any workplace-related accidents and injuries can be detrimental to your company’s reputation and the well-being of your people. They can also create unnecessary and costly liabilities.

For instance, handling cylinders requires training. Employees who work with them must understand how to work with regulators, how to move cylinders, inspect them, store them, and more.

They must also have access to the right personal protective equipment (PPE). 

At the same time, the facility must have proper ventilation systems that can effectively remove airborne contaminants from the atmosphere.

Other aspects to consider are adherence to the safety requirements mandated by government regulators, emergency protocols, monitoring, and maintenance.

Incorporate Sustainability Initiatives

The industrial sector is notorious for being one of the most environmentally harmful industries. Chemical manufacturing activities, for example, have been known to cause air and water pollution, soil contamination, and the depletion of natural resources.

But there are several measures that can be undertaken to correct this. nexAir promotes technologies like automation to reduce one’s carbon footprint. We also encourage the use of sustainable gas cylinders that can be reused through a Strip and Ship Program.

Periodically Evaluate Your Equipment

If you’ve been using the same equipment for far too long, it may be outdated, no longer relevant to your needs, or require repairs. 

Let’s use one of our customers in East Tennessee as an example. Amid a helium shortage, our client expressed a need for 50% more helium. By working with their nexAir Territory Manager, they were able to detect leaks in their pipelines and reduce their reliance on the gas by 33%. This allowed them to improve their operations and cut costs even in the face of industry challenges.

Get Insights and Best Practices for Industrial Gas Applications through nexAir KnowHow

When you do business with nexAir, you gain a partner that is committed to helping you Forge Forward. Aside from giving you access to quality gases and welding equipment, we share our insights and best practices for industrial gas applications. 

We can advise you on the right gases, safety measures, sustainability concerns, the right equipment, and more. With our team of experts, you have reliable, proactive, and knowledgeable professionals who will help you achieve operational and business success.


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