nexAir’s Knowledge Hub: Insights and Best Practices for Industrial Gas Applications





nexAir’s Knowledge Hub: Insights and Best Practices for Industrial Gas Applications




The industrial gas market is evolving every day.

Changing regulations, emerging technologies, and newer processes make ensuring workplace safety and compliance a constant challenge.

No one understands this better than nexAir. As one of the leading suppliers of industrial gas across the Southeast, we know our customers benefit from a steady stream of high-quality gas and the expertise required to use their supplies correctly.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some insights and best practices to help you make the most of your industrial gas applications.

Learning About Different Gases and Blends

Industrial gases are used in various processes across sectors. 

Inert gases like argon and helium, for instance, find many applications in the automotive, manufacturing, and aerospace industries, while gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide are essential in healthcare and research settings.

Understanding the role that each industrial gas plays in every sector, as well as the various purity levels and blends required for individual processes, goes a long way in ensuring workplace safety, productivity, and efficient use of supplies.

Increased knowledge of gases and requirements can also help you determine ideal delivery systems — whether it’s microbulk, bulk, high-pressure cylinder, or otherwise. This allows you to maximize efficiency without burning a hole in your wallet.

Implementing Proper Workplace Safety Protocols

Industrial gases are highly volatile, and even small leaks can have disastrous effects. When cylinders are mishandled or personal protective equipment isn’t used correctly, it not only endangers employees’ lives but also impacts bottom lines.

To avoid such a situation, research the hazards posed by respective gasses and invest in the latest PPE — such as eye protectors, respirators, and proper clothing.

Increasing awareness of safety protocols among employees, conducting frequent risk assessments, and regular equipment maintenance go a long way in protecting your company’s reputation and staff.

Staying Informed on the Latest Trends and Regulations

In 2022, the global industrial gas market was valued at $99.99 billion but is expected to grow at a significant compound annual growth rate of 7.42% until 2030.

Staying informed of the driving forces and restricting factors behind these latest trends can help companies operate more efficiently and improve productivity. Sustainability, for example, is becoming increasingly critical, forcing companies to reassess strategies.

At the same time, the use of industrial gas is governed by a strict regulatory framework. Not staying current on changing regulations creates an unsafe work environment and puts companies at risk of dealing with hefty fines.

Partner with the Right Supplier

At the end of the day, there is nothing more beneficial than partnering with the right supplier.

At nexAir, we believe customer experience is as crucial as selling our high-quality industrial gas and welding supplies. Since the 1940s, we have shared our KnowHow with our customers across industries, enabling them to Forge Forward with increased productivity and efficiency.

When you work with us, you stay updated on the latest regulations, employ only the latest tools and technologies, and pick gas blends that reduce costs and downtime.


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