nexTrack: Keeping Our Customers in the Know

nexTrack: Keeping Our Customers in the Know

Operational interruptions caused by delayed supplies can negatively affect your bottom line and put a strain on customer relations. Such situations can be especially problematic if they crop up suddenly and without warning. 

The reliability of your suppliers has an immense impact on your day-to-day activities. If you’re facing challenges with your supplies and deliveries, you need a partner who can anticipate your needs even before you run out of supplies. Along with prompt shipments, a trustworthy supplier should offer transparency in its deliveries while enabling easy and accessible coordination. 

nexAir believes that trackable shipments are critical which is why our operations and technology infrastructure have been specifically designed to provide continuous updates and transparency for our clients. To make coordination and planning convenient, we developed nexTrack. 

nexTrack combines innovative technologies like TIMS Electronic Delivery, Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM), and Roadnet. These make shipment updates, schedule changes, customer fulfillment, and proofs of delivery seamless and accessible.

nexTrack: Know Where Your Shipments Are at All Times

Waiting for supplies to arrive and wondering where they are can hinder operations and be nerve-wracking. nexAir makes your life easier with nexTrack — a system that monitors shipments and lets you know where they are at all times.

Here’s how its technology integrations serve you:


Roadnet is connected to nexAir’s network of over 200 drivers, allowing you to track your shipments in real-time. 

What You Get

  • Roadnet automatically updates your order status so you don’t have to keep checking. It also sends updates if there are changes to the delivery status and ETA. 
  • You can customize your notification formats as well as how and when you want to receive them.
  • Receive end-to-end updates throughout the delivery process.
  • You can view the delivery truck’s exact location at any time to confirm its arrival.

Advanced Cylinder Management

ACM keeps track of nexAir assets (such as cylinders and dry ice boxes) across branches, plants, and customer sites. 

Barcodes are scanned throughout the delivery cycle from the moment it leaves a site until it’s returned. This allows us to manage inventory, control quality, and monitor our supply chain with ease.

What You Get

  • Real-time updates on the cylinder’s location and delivery date
  • Better utilization of assets while minimizing shortages
  • Access to detailed reports and invoices
  • Fewer physical audits required
  • Promotes paperless shipping and returns
  • Better cylinder fill history tracking, prevents the delivery of empty cylinders
  • Accurate monitoring of customer cylinders 
  • Better and more efficient internal allocation of manpower

TIMS Electronic Delivery

TED or TIMS Electronic Delivery facilitates paperless deliveries. It also enables quick updates on delivery quantities, purchase orders, and lot numbers which are immediately reflected on the customer’s delivery receipts.

Drivers can make changes to their routes in case of emergencies, reschedule orders to meet customer needs, and print or transmit proofs of delivery on-site with a mobile phone.

What You Get

  • Flexibility and agility in deliveries
  • Paperless delivery and a seamless order updating process
  • Timely updates 

Forge Forward With nexTrack

nexAir is changing the way the industry manages and delivers supplies. With nexAir by your side, you don’t have to remain in the dark about when a critical shipment is coming or worry about potential delays.

nexAir keeps you informed in real-time where your shipments are. If there are changes or delays, you’ll be notified immediately. You can also make minor adjustments to your orders and have them instantly reflected in your proof of delivery.

Seamless, feature-rich, and real-time, let nexTrack help you Forge Forward with reliable and predictable supplies.

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