Oxygen: A Vital Component of the Manufacturing Industry

Oxygen: A Vital Component of the Manufacturing Industry

Oxygen is an essential element in our atmosphere, and as we’re sure you already know, it plays a vital role in various industries. One industry, in particular, is the manufacturing industry. This industry relies on oxygen for many applications ranging from metal refining to combustion. At nexAir, we are proud suppliers of oxygen to the manufacturing industry. Our team has years of experience and has gathered plenty of KnowHow regarding oxygen and its applications. Keep reading as we discuss oxygen’s role, its advantages and more! 


Primary Uses of Oxygen in Manufacturing 



One of the main uses of oxygen in manufacturing is in the combustion process. To start, combustion is the reaction between fuel and oxygen and is essential to processes such as heating, melting and drying. By providing pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched air, combustion efficiency is enhanced, leading to more efficient energy utilization, faster production cycles and reduced emissions. 

Metal Refining and Cutting: 

Metal refining and cutting processes also benefit from oxygen. During basic tasks such as basic oxygen furnace, oxygen is blown into the molten iron, oxidizing impurities and facilitating their removal, resulting in high-quality steel production. Another example of this is the process of oxygen lancing, where a high-pressure stream of oxygen is directed onto the surface of a metal, which is then employed for cutting, piercing and gouging operations. 

Chemical Processes: 

Another use of oxygen in manufacturing is in the chemical processes.  A lot of chemical reactions require an oxidizing agent and oxygen serves this purpose. 

Thermal Cutting Process: 

Oxygen is also used for thermal cutting, such as oxy-fuel cutting and welding. During this process, oxygen is used to generate a high temperature flame. The flame is directed onto the metal, causing rapid oxidation and enabling precise cutting. In welding, oxygen is used to support the combustion of the gas, providing heat for bonding metal components together. 

Pharmaceutical Industry: 

Oxygen also plays a role in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically during the fermentation process. The gas is introduced into bioreactors to support the growth of microorganisms and cell cultures, enabling the production of various products such as vaccines, antibiotics and enzymes. A steady supply of oxygen is essential for product yield and optimal growth. 


As you can see, oxygen plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. It is crucial to various applications like combustion, refining, chemical processes, thermal cutting and pharmaceutical production, helping to contribute to productivity, efficiency and high-quality outcomes. At nexAir, we provide oxygen gas to the manufacturing industry on a consistent, steady basis – allowing each company to Forge Forward in daily tasks and every project that they take on. If you are interested in learning more or are ready to get set up with a reliable supply of oxygen, please feel free to reach out. We can’t wait to get started!

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