Plant Power: How nexAir’s Carbon Dioxide Solutions Boost Greenhouse Productivity

Plant Power: How nexAir’s Carbon Dioxide Solutions Boost Greenhouse Productivity

In the midst of climate change, it is important that we continue to find innovative solutions in order to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, CO2 can actually be utilized as a tool to enhance greenhouse productivity. At nexAir, we have years of combined industry experience and have gained plenty of KnowHow along the way. In fact, we work with carbon dioxide gas each and every day, providing our customers with a steady, high-quality supply which allows them to Forge Forward with every project, task or solution that they tackle. Keep reading as we explore and discuss carbon dioxide solutions and how they can fuel plant power and optimize greenhouse environments. 


Carbon Dioxide in Photosynthesis


Photosynthesis, the process where plants convert light energy into chemical energy, is necessary for growth and survival. Carbon dioxide plays a crucial role in this process, acting as a raw material that plants use to produce glucose and oxygen. In natural ecosystems, plants derive CO2 from the atmosphere. In controlled greenhouse environments, additional carbon dioxide can be introduced to enhance plant growth and productivity. 


CO2 Enrichment Techniques and Benefits


In order to boost greenhouse productivity, growers often practice CO2 enrichment techniques. The most common method of this is injecting CO2 directly into the greenhouse atmosphere. This supplementation increases the concentration of carbon dioxide available for plants, promoting more efficient photosynthesis and enhancing growth rates. Growers also often install CO2 generators that produce CO2 through the combustion of natural gas or propane. These generators allow precise control over carbon dioxide levels within the greenhouse, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth. Using CO2 for enrichment brings many great benefits. These include but are not limited to: 


  • Enhanced efficiency in photosynthesis 
  • Increased plant growth rates
  • Larger, healthier plants with higher yields produced
  • Improves water-use efficiency 
  • Reduced water loss through transpiration
  • Enhanced plant resistance to pests and diseases
  • Reduced need for chemical pesticides


It comes as no surprise that carbon dioxide solutions offer an innovative approach to maximizing greenhouse productivity. Growers are able to optimize plant growth, increase yields and reduce resource inputs as a result. Incorporating these techniques and practices overall boosts agricultural productivity as well as contributes to a greener and more sustainable workplace. Interested in learning more, or getting started with your own reliable supply of CO2? Please contact our team today – we can’t wait to Forge Forward, together!

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