Plasma Precision Anytime: nexAir Online Solutions for Metal Cutting

Metal fabricators know that having the right plasma cutting torches and consumables on hand is critical for maximizing productivity and profitability. Plasma torches utilize a constricted arc coupled with high velocity heated ionized gas to cut conductive metals with precision and efficiency. nexAir, a leading supplier of welding and cutting equipment, offers an extensive selection of high-quality plasma torches, consumables, and accessories available for purchase online. nexAir supplies both manual and mechanized plasma torches suitable for handheld or CNC operations. With just a few clicks, fabricators can have the plasma torches and parts shipped directly to their facility.

Mechanized Plasma Cutting

For CNC plasma cutting, nexAir supplies mechanized plasma cutting torches from top brands. The ESAB® PT-36R Plasmarc™ Mechanized Cutting Torch is an example of advanced torches designed for precision, productivity, and reliability on high-definition plasma systems. It delivers superior cut angularity and edge quality on stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel. 

Plasma Consumables

To complement the extensive plasma torch selection, nexAir stocks a wide range of compatible plasma consumables. Consumables such as electrodes, swirl rings, nozzles, and retaining caps – wear over time and must be replaced to maintain cut quality and torch performance. nexAir offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) consumables for all major brand torches including CK Worldwide, ESAB, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric, and many more. Fabricators can easily find the right replacement parts by torch model on our website.

Plasma Blowback Touches

Plasma blowback torches are designed to clear melted metal drips for improved cut quality and reliability. They utilize blowback technology to keep the tip free of molten buildup when cutting thicker materials. nexAir offers a selection of automated blowback torches and consumables from leading manufacturers to meet various industrial cutting needs. These torches excel at piercing, cutting and gouging metals with high precision. Shops can find all the necessary blowback torch parts for maximum cutting performance on our website.

Plasma manual cutting torches

Plasma manual cutting torches remain essential for handheld applications. nexAir supplies both compact and full-size models featuring comfortable, ergonomic handles and efficient swirl ring gas delivery. These torches are designed for high-quality straight cutting, beveling, gouging and piercing across a wide range of metal thicknesses. Their interchangeable consumables extend torch life and cutting capabilities. Fabricators can rely on nexAir to provide a broad range of plasma manual cutting torches optimized for handheld use.

nexAir also stocks a variety of accessories to maximize plasma system performance. Options include swirl ring alignment tools, torch rebuild kits, electrode alignment fixtures, splash guards, welding gloves, automatic torch cleaners, and more. Customers can outfit their plasma torches and mechanics with all the necessary accessories for improved cutting results.

Forge Forward with nexAir Plasma Precision Cutting Tools

By shopping online on nexAir website, metal fabricators can get all the plasma torches, consumables, and accessories needed for efficient and quality cutting operations. Fast shipping ensures downtime is minimized. With nexAir’s complete range of plasma cutting torch solutions, shops can achieve plasma precision anytime for all their metal cutting needs. Visit today to view the full plasma selection and place an order for delivery to your facility.

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