Quality Gases for Superior Industrial Performance: How nexAir Stands Out

Quality Gases for Superior Industrial Performance: How nexAir Stands Out

Several everyday processes and essential products rely on a steady supply of high-quality gases. And more often than not — especially for industries based across the Southeast of the U.S. — these gases are supplied by nexAir.

With over 80 years of being a leading supplier of industrial gases and welding supplies, there are two major reasons why industries rely on nexAir — the quality of our goods and the expertise of our staff.

With our KnowHow, we not only ensure that industries get access to every product they need to improve efficiency but also that they can Forge Forward knowing that they have the right information at their disposal. 

Here are some factors that make nexAir stand out from the crowd: 


We Fill and Deliver Gases Based on Your Needs 

No matter the need, nexAir delivers. We adhere to the latest safety standards and rely on a number of different storage and delivery systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Cylinders: Whether you require high-pressure cylinders to store inert gases or low-pressure cylinders for gases like acetylene and propane, we have you covered. We also use state-of-the-art liquid cylinders for liquid supplies. 
  • Bulk and Microbulk Systems: For bulk requirements, we install high-volume tanks that hold up to 13,000 gallons of gas. If that’s too big, we have permanent microbulk installations — tanks of up to 7,000 liters that can be filled on-site.  
  • Portable Bulk Systems: For large offsite jobs, there’s no better delivery system than our moveable bulk systems. 

We Use the Latest Innovations 

Our nexTrack program leverages the latest innovations in technology to provide the ultimate customer experience. All of these technologies work in tandem to offer the right quality and quantity of gases — ensuring there is no financial loss or excessive waste. We break nexTrack up into three categories: 

  • Roadnet: With Roadnet, we ensure that customers get accurate notifications regarding their deliveries. 
  • Advanced Cylinder Management: Our barcode system ensures that customers can keep an eye on their valuable gases at all times. 
  • Electronic Delivery: Allows our customers to go completely paperless when modifying an order or modifying delivery schedules. 

We Believe in Sustainability

At nexAir, we recently launched a recyclable cylinder program called Portagreen. Through this program, we deliver gases in four compact cylinders that can be returned to us using our strip and ship program and reused. 

Not only do these cylinders eliminate the HAZMAT liability of disposal, but they also ensure all our gases remain more stable and have an increased shelf life. 

The return process is simple — it requires no paperwork or disposal fees. 

All you need to do is follow these three steps: 

Step 1: Ensure that the gauge reading is zero. 

Step 2: Look under the content label for a return tag. 

Step 3: Label the cylinder and deliver it back to us. 

Through this simple process, organizations not only stand to reduce their carbon footprints but also limit the paperwork and costs associated with cylinder disposal.

The Bottom Line: Forge Forward with nexAir 

Since the 1940s, nexAir has catered to several industries — from the medical to automotive sectors; hundreds of companies rely on our superior product and KnowHow. By offering a combination of sustainable practices, the latest in technology, and the best customer service, we ensure that every industry can Forge Forward and focus on productivity and efficiency.


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