Revolutionizing Welding Automation: How nexAir’s Equipment Enhances Productivity

Revolutionizing Welding Automation: How nexAir’s Equipment Enhances Productivity

Almost every major construction project, whether it’s building a new appliance or a complicated bridge, has only been made possible by welding.

Welding has been a crucial activity for thousands of years. Its roots can be traced back to the bronze age, over 5,000 years ago. Welding processes have come a long way since. 

Since the 1960s, more industries than ever have been embracing robotic welding to improve productivity.

What is robotic welding?

Entire welding processes can be automated thanks to robotic welding. This automation is further split into two—fully automatic and semi-automatic tasks.

The first process involves training a machine to complete a welding process on its own from beginning to end. It also has the capability to move materials. 

Meanwhile, semi-automatic welding relies on an operator who loads and removes material after the welding is complete.

Both processes are capable of producing highly efficient welds, automating many activities in the manufacturing, fabrication, and metal industries.

Benefits of Robotic Welding

Why has robotic welding become more popular over the years? Here are some of its benefits across industries: 

  • It is capable of consistently creating strong welds 
  • It increases staff productivity
  • It decreases the workload of staff by taking over repetitive work
  • It lowers operating costs
  • It leads to a lower environmental footprint
  • It improves work safety

How nexAir Can Help 

As one of the leading suppliers of welding supplies across the Southeast, nexAir has been working closely with robotic welding processes since they were first introduced. 

Over the years, our team has developed the KnowHow to help industries benefit from automation and provide them with the right equipment. 

Some of our equipment includes: 

  • ALM Positioners which can boost productivity by up to 40%
  • IPG Lightwelds or handheld laser welding and cleaning systems that are fast and easy to learn and operate 
  • Vectis Cobot, a system that’s equally suited for high-production and small fabrication projects

Apart from supplying these modern products, our team also helps our customers use them for maximum efficiency.

During nexAir’s Demo Days, for instance, companies were invited to come and try our products to see how they might fit into their processes. 

Are you ready for an automated welding system? 

So, how do you automate your fabrication processes? 

There are two steps to consider:

  • Assess how compatible the new robotic system will be with your current processes. 
  • Set up the robotic automation system.

The high initial costs involved may make you wary. But we assure you that an automated system will more than make up for the cost in the long run since it can operate more efficiently and ensure all-around faster production. 

Once you decide to adopt the technology, nexAir will help you set up the system and provide basic training. 

Robotic Welding: Automating Your Way to Productivity

For over 80 years, nexAir has been at the forefront of the welding revolution. Our KnowHow has helped companies benefit from automation and Forge Forward with higher levels of productivity. You can count on nexAir for service and support, every step of the way.

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