Safety is More Than a Goal

Safety is more than a goal

At nexAir, safety is more than a goal. It’s a necessity! Whether it’s equipment, operations, or testing gases and their cylinders, nexAir takes every possible step to keep our customers and their customers safe. How? 


To start, we require all plant personnel to undergo extensive training for handling, filling and the transporting of our products. This tactic allows us to keep our employees safe while on the job, as well as ensuring we have consistent, high quality product. Along with that, all new employees train for months under veterans in order to fully understand the nexAir safety practices and KnowHow. 


nexAir Safety Tips to Forge Forward in the Workspace 


Work Closely with Local Safety Personnel


In the gas industry, you never know when an emergency is going to happen. While we do our best to prioritize safety and follow our safety protocols, accidents do happen. We reccommend building relationships with local emergency response teams to help your team stay informed and be prepared for whatever may happen. It is also nice to get to know the professionals ahead of time, so they are fully able to make the most of their resources and deal with emergencies quickly and effectively. 


Invest in a Safety Program


As previously mentioned, nexAir requires each and every employee to take part in routine trainings and follow strict protocol while on the job. It is in your best interest to invest in the best possible program for your employees to follow in order to eliminate any confusion or blurred lines that may be there before the job begins. 


Stay on Top of Regular Housekeeping


Hazards of all sizes can pop up in the workplace daily. We recommend preforming regular housekeeping such as cleaning floors, clearing pathways and removing unnecessary items from areas to prevent falls. What may be thought of as a minor hazard could potentially evolve into a much bigger issue if left untouched. 


Ensure Workplace Familiarity 


Communication is big in the gas industry – especially between new workers and employees. Make sure all workers understand their roles, the workspace, equipment handling, hazards and safety protocols before they get started. This will reduce future issues and misunderstandings. 


Keep up With Machine Maintenance 


Prevent potential machine failure and hazards by preforming routine equipment checks and testing. This will allow employees to stay safe along with keeping the job going as smoothly as possible. 


Check in on Employees’ Mental Health 


At nexAir, we deeply care about our employees – on and off the job. The health of our team members is at the top of our priority list and we strive to build healthy relationships with every employee that enters the nexAir community. We encourage our employees to ask questions, admit mistakes and seek advice when needed, instead of staying quiet. 


We offer many great safety products and services at nexAir and we encourage everyone to use them to their advantage. As always, if you have questions or concerns in regards to safety at nexAir, reach out! We will use our applied KnowHow to educate and show you how to use our products effectively and safely. 

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