Shipped to your doorstep: Keeping it fresh with dry ice 

Shipped to your doorstep: Keeping it fresh with dry ice 

It’s 2022. Shipping food and beverage products is on the rise and not going away any time soon. At nexAir, we understand the importance of transporting products from business to consumer and keeping perishable items fresh and ready to serve. Whether you are a small in-house cake business or a larger fresh delivery food service, dry ice is vital to keep 100% customer satisfaction. If you are ready to receive 5-star customer service reviews, keep reading to get our expert KnowHow on dry ice shipping practices in the food and beverage industry. 

Shipping with dry ice
Let’s paint a picture. You have just spent hours in the kitchen baking a beautiful, custom cake to send to a new customer. You are so excited to get your business running and are boxing up the layers making sure it is perfectly packaged. You are getting ready to print out the shipping label, and the address is hours away. That’s where the problem starts. How are those ice packs going to last? We have a solution. Dry ice to the rescue! 

Benefits of shipping food products with dry ice
Dry ice is the best option for the food and beverage industry for many reasons, one of them simply being that it stays cold way longer without ever melting and spoiling your products. To refresh your memory from that science experiment all those years ago, dry ice is simply a solid form of C02. It does not have a liquid state and sublimates from a solid to a gaseous state. Dry ice puts off no harmful chemicals and is environmentally friendly. This shipping method is also cost-efficient and allows you to buy bulk amounts, at a lower price. If that doesn’t sell it, dry ice can easily last up to several days in a regular cooler. Dry ice is not only for shipping cakes, however. Think of any perishable item. Are you selling a brand new frozen ice cream that needs to be shipped from point A to point B while staying frozen the whole way? Maybe you are a drink business and the bottles need to stay nice and fresh on their journey to the doorstep. Whatever kind of food or beverage business you run, dry ice can play a key role in your success. 

Cleaning with dry ice
To take it a step further, dry ice can do a lot more than keeping your products fresh. If you own a food and beverage company that needs to be clean and sanitary at all times, dry ice blasting might be for you. This method of cleaning uses a different form of dry ice as a pressurized stream aimed directly at the surface. This is a popular cleaning practice that allows less hands-on work, and a shorter labor time while still allowing an outstanding clean. Dry ice blasting is guaranteed to exceed cleaning expectations and company protocols, without heavy machinery and breaking the bank. 

Dry ice is taking over the food and beverage industry and at nexAir, we want to help our customers continue to Forge Forward, one package at a time. We have a variety of dry ice products that can be used at your facility for whatever reason it may be. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us use our KnowHow to help guide you in the right direction. 


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