Shipping Temperature-Dependent Items with nexAir Carbonic

Shipping temperature-dependent items with nexAir Carbonic

How often do you find yourself clicking “confirm order” daily, weekly or even monthly? Are you ordering food and beverage items for yourself or maybe something in bulk for your business? The shipping process has become a staple in our day to day lives and will only continue to gain popularity as time passes. However, have you ever thought about how these perishable items are staying fresh throughout their journey? At nexAir, we use our KnowHow to provide you with all the insight you need so you don’t have to think or worry about the shipping process. Whether it’s food, critical healthcare items, or other perishable items, nexAir supplies the dry ice to keep it fresh for its journey.

Dry ice is simply carbon dioxide in its solid form and has many qualities that are beneficial to industries such as food and beverage and healthcare and research. One of the main benefits of transporting items with dry ice is that it maintains an ideal temperature during the whole process. This ensures that your items will stay in tip-top condition from their journey from point A to point B. In addition, dry ice sublimates directly into a gaseous state, without the chance of damaging the items with liquid condensation while they are inside the box. This also contributes to receiving your items as they were whenever they were placed into the box. 

nexAir Carbonic can help you Forge Forward by delivering a constant supply of dry ice to your facility and will always be readily available when you find yourself running low or needing answers. At nexAir, we provide our customers with various forms of dry ice, based solely on the product and the need. nexAir Carbonic is available in blocks, sliced blocks, pellets and cryo-rice. Here is a breakdown of the dry ice forms and their distinct features that make them unique for each separate project. 

Blocks: This form of dry ice is typically used for long-lasting shipping, industrial usage and storage. Due to their size, dry ice blocks last longer than any other dry ice product. 

Sliced Blocks: Also long-lasting, sliced dry ice blocks are typically used in the medical industry for keeping items cool throughout their transportation journey. This form comes individually wrapped for ease of use. 

Pellets: Dry ice pellets are used for shipping as well, and serve best for the food and beverage industry. They are great for filling in irregular spaces and keeping items cool over time. This form of dry ice can also be used to create fog effects. 

Cryo-Rice: If you are searching for a product that will clean a surface to near perfection, this form of dry ice is for you. Cryo-rice is used for dry ice blasting and helps to provide you with a faster and more effective cleaning method. 

In the end, regular ice can be messy and unpredictable over longer periods of time. It can result in damaged items, lost money and unhappy customers. When you choose nexAir to tackle your shipping needs, you can count on high-quality supplies and service and a smooth process from start to finish. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how dry ice can help you and your business Forge Forward. 

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