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Dry ice is a versatile product that is widely used in various industries. However, most people don’t realize that it’s also actually behind many important industrial, artistic, and commercial processes.

Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid form that sublimates or melts directly to gas matter. As such, it is very convenient and practical to use. Because it’s odorless and colorless, it’s easy to handle and mix with other materials. Dry ice also stays solid at – 109 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an effective cooling and freezing tool.

Because of its distinct properties, dry ice has a variety of applications – from preserving biological specimens to adding dramatic effects in theater plays.

nexAir KnowHow and Dry Ice
Dry ice is one of nexAir’s most popular products. We provide safety-certified, food-grade, pure, and reliable dry ice products in various forms like blocks, pellets, rice, and sliced blocks. 

Each piece of dry ice is manufactured by nexAir Carbonic, which uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

Industries That Use Dry Ice
Many businesses and institutions rely on dry ice. Here are some of them:

Food Industry
Dry ice is widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, and food storage facilities because it helps keep the freshness, color, texture, and taste of various produce and other food products. It is also widely used as a refrigerant to maintain temperature-controlled environments and to remove bacteria, molds, and mildew that can contaminate food and beverage products.

Medical, Pharmaceutical, Research
It is critical to preserve the integrity of specimens and other biological materials in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories. Dry ice is used in transporting organs and medical supplies, preserving test samples and other sensitive materials.  It’s also used in minor dermatological surgeries like wart removal as an alternative to liquid nitrogen.

Industrial Cleaning
Dry ice blasting is a safe and eco-friendly method to clean metal surfaces such as ship hulls and car engine parts. Its non-abrasive, no-residue, non-conductive features make it a convenient and cost-efficient way to safely and effectively remove corrosion, biofilms, paint, and other coatings or contaminants on metal surfaces.

Shipping and Logistics
Transporting perishable goods requires controlled temperatures to keep items fresh during long trips. Seafood, meat, fruits, flowers, vegetables, and frozen food products like ice cream need to stay cold and clean during shipping. Dry ice is an effective and convenient refrigerant that doesn’t require electricity and leaves no carbon footprint or residue.

Other Applications
The aerospace, automotive, packaging, maintenance, electrical, restoration, and manufacturing industries also rely heavily on dry ice.

In addition, dry ice is commonly used in households. For example, it’s used to flash freeze food items especially during power outages and as an outdoor insect repellent.  Halloween decors and shows also use dry ice for spooky effects.

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