Specialized Solutions: How nexAir Tailors Industrial Gases to Unique Applications




Specialized Solutions: How nexAir Tailors Industrial Gases to Unique Applications




Almost all industries rely on an uninterrupted stream of high-quality industrial gas for their operations. Whether it’s the healthcare, aerospace, or food and beverage sectors, industrial gases are crucial for fueling and streamlining processes.

With nexAir as a supplier, companies that work in these sectors benefit from more up-time, lower costs, higher productivity, and increased flexibility.

Our industrial gases adhere to top-tier quality and safety standards, offering our customers much-needed reliability. And there’s more — not only do we mix, fill, test, and deliver almost any gas or blend for virtually any application, but we back it up with the KnowHow to ensure that you Forge Forward at maximum efficiency.

Here’s how we cater to different industrial gas requirements. 

How nexAir Tailors Gas Supply for Unique Applications

At nexAir, we understand that no two operations are the same. That’s why we fill and store our gases based on specific requirements and applications.

High Pressure Cylinders

We supply industrial gases in high-pressure cylinders for applications requiring inert and oxidizing gases. Available in volumes from 10 to 400 cubic feet, these gases find applications across welding and metal fabrication processes, among other industries. 

Low-Pressure Cylinders

Gases like acetylene and propane are stored and supplied in low-pressure cylinders and are available in volumes from 10 to 390 cubic feet. 

Applications of acetylene can be found in plastics, manufacturing, welding, and metal fabrication industries. Meanwhile, propane is used in the chemicals and construction industries to power on-site heaters, as fuel, or to produce aerosol propellants. 

Liquid Cylinders

Many of our welding customers require a liquid supply of inert gases like liquid argon or liquid nitrogen. We supply these in specialized liquid cylinders. Liquid nitrogen is widely used in the food and healthcare industries. On the other hand, liquid argon is used in research settings, such as searching for dark matter and neutrino experiments.  


nexAir’s skids are well-suited for any small purge job requiring gases like argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, or oxygen.

Microbulk Systems 

A microbulk system is essentially a storage system that costs less than a bulk system and takes up less space. It provides a reliable flow of high-quality gas by replacing high-pressure cylinders with a stainless steel low-pressure on-site refillable tank.

These tanks could be anywhere between 450 to 3,000 liters. They work for several applications, including laboratory, food and beverage, and welding, among others.  

Tube Trailers

Our tube trailers can supply high volume and high-pressure gases — such as helium or helium mixes, hydrogen, or nitrogen.   

Portable Bulk Systems 

Such systems are ideal for any industry that needs a supply of gases for large offsite jobs. Gases include but are not limited to oxygen, argon, and nitrogen. 

Bulk Systems 

Industries that require a dependable and uninterrupted supply of industrial gas can benefit from our bulk gas systems. This allows them to maximize capacity, eliminate the contamination that could occur with recycled cylinders, and benefit from a separate dedicated tank for specific applications.

Our efficient bulk systems can be filled with any gas, from hydrogen and oxygen to anhydrous ammonia, covering a wide range of industrial applications. 

Forge Forward with nexAir

As one of the leading suppliers of industrial gas across the Southeast, nexAir has helped clients across industries Forge Forward for over 80 years. In this time, we’ve developed the KnowHow to provide only exactly the gas you need, exactly how you need it. 


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