Starting a Dental Practice? Here is how nexAir can help

Starting a Dental Practice? Here is how nexAir can help

Starting a Dental Practice? Here is How nexAir Can Help

Data from 2021 shows 201,927 active dentists in the United States. That’s approximately 60.84 dentists serving every 100,000 people nationwide — although actual dentist-to-patient ratios vary per state. If you want to put up a practice and provide great access to dental care, there are various factors you have to review.

A dental practice is essentially a business. So, you have to be discerning with your partner and staff. Get to know your target audience so you can appropriately advertise the practice to them. Of course, you have to invest in quality equipment and materials.

At nexAir, we help your business Forge Forward by providing a comprehensive KnowHow™ that will help your dental practice hit the ground running. Here’s how!

Business Essentials For a Profitable Dental Practice

The process of putting up a dental practice can seem complex and intimidating. We make it more manageable by highlighting the essentials:

  • Determine whether you want your own dental practice or a partner. The latter could make up-front costs and loan applications more manageable
  • Create a detailed business plan including your proposed strategy, business size, standard operating procedures, and projected costs and earnings
  • Conduct extensive research before settling on a location for your dental practice. On a related note, map your office based on the available space and layout
  • Make a list of all the dental tools and equipment, furniture, software and computer systems, and office supplies you need to run the practice smoothly
  • Finalize where you will get the capital to start your practice. It’s often easier to secure loans from banks and other lenders when you have a dental partner
  • Establish a marketing strategy that aligns with your target market’s dental needs
  • Secure all necessary permits and licenses before opening your dental practice

Dental Gas Essentials and Safety Precautions

While finalizing your business plan and opening your dental practice, nexAir reminds you of the importance of working with a dependable gas provider for dental oxygen and nitrous oxide. These gasses are essential in alleviating dental anxiety and building patient trust. So, you have to choose your gas provider carefully.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Look for a dental gas provider with a stable and reliable gas supply to ensure continuous operations at your practice
  • Ensure your dental gas provider offers regular maintenance and inspections and adheres to the strictest safety protocols.
  • It’s always a smart idea to partner with a provider offering friendly and proactive customer service.

As a trusted gas specialist, nexAir further helps you set up your dental practice by making sure you choose the right dental gas provider.

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