Streamlining Gas Distribution: The Power of Roadnet, Advanced Cylinder Management, and TIMS

Streamlining Gas Distribution: The Power of Roadnet, Advanced Cylinder Management, and TIMS

For 80 years, nexAir has been at the forefront of gas distribution across the Southeast. Our high-quality industrial-grade gases have several applications—proving they’re just as useful to a surgeon as they are to a DIY welding hobbyist.

Despite building a strong and loyal customer base, nexAir has continued to grow over the years. We believe there’s always room for improvement so we consistently look for new ways to streamline gas distribution.

One of the most recent results of our efforts is nexTrack, a combination of three innovative technologies that have completely streamlined the way we supply gas.

Let’s take a closer look at these technologies.

  1. Roadnet

Gas is a precious resource that is integral to several industries. Manufacturing companies, for instance, rely on a steady stream of high-quality gases for their operations. Any delays in delivery could potentially lead to massive losses.  

This is where nexAir’s Roadnet technology comes in. Through this feature, customers receive real-time notifications about the status of their orders, ensuring that supplies reach them at exactly the right place and time. 

The Roadnet system is automated and allows customers to receive ETA windows, updates on any delays, and delivery confirmations.

As a result, our customers can check on their orders more quickly and easily while avoiding the hassle of incorrect deliveries. 

  1. Advanced Cylinder Management 

Our advanced cylinder management (ACM) system enables us and our customers to keep track of gas cylinders across locations. Each cylinder is fitted with a unique identification number and a barcode which can be scanned to reveal crucial data. 

This information can offer insight into the quality of the gas by providing access to real-time cylinder reports. It also ensures that cylinders reach the right departments while eliminating the chance that an empty cylinder is accidentally delivered to a customer. 

Customers can also use our ACM system to streamline internal operations by using the unique identification number to assign cylinders across departments or credit the right department when the cylinders are returned. 

Additionally, ACM technologies help prevent cylinder shortages while saving customers from conducting time-consuming physical audits. 

  1. TIMS Electronic Delivery (TED) 

More companies and services have opted to go paperless in the last few decades. nexAir is no exception. Through the TED system, our drivers no longer need to rely on physical documents to update orders or issue delivery tickets at customer sites. 

The system lets the driver update important customer information onsite and the changes are automatically reflected on the delivery receipt. It also lets them make minor modifications to delivery schedules as well as email proof of deliveries from a mobile device. 

Ultimately, this provides greater flexibility in the delivery process for customers and drivers. 

Make the Procurement of Gas Supplies Easier with nexAir Technology

For the last 80 years, our customers have remained our number one priority. This is why assembling a team of technical specialists with the right KnowHow has always been key to improving the nexAir customer experience. 

When these three technologies come together, customers can Forge Forward and focus on productivity, without having to deal with the headache of logistics. Meanwhile, nexTrack ensures that our deliveries are more accurate and punctual, making our processes a win for everyone involved.

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