Supporting Every Breath: The Significance of Medical Air in Healthcare Facilities

Supporting Every Breath: The Significance of Medical Air in Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, having a clean and reliable supply of medical air is at the highest of priorities. Medical air, a specialized form of compressed air, plays an important role in supporting a variety of medical procedures and ensuring patient safety. At nexAir, we offer our healthcare customers a high-quality, steady supply of medical air for various applications. Keep reading this article as we offer our KnowHow on the significance of medical air in healthcare settings through its role in practices such as respiratory therapy, surgical procedures and infection control. 


Respiratory Therapy


Medical air is completely crucial in respiratory therapy. It is used to provide supplemental oxygen to patients with respiratory conditions. In cases where a patient’s oxygen level is low, medical air is blended with oxygen to create a precise mixture tailored to the patient’s specific needs. This makes it to where the patients receive the appropriate amount of oxygen for optimal respiratory function. Medical air is also used in respiratory therapy equipment, like nebulizers and ventilators, to deliver medications or assist with breathing. Having a clean and reliable supply of medical air on hand at all times is crucial in supporting patients with respiratory needs and contributing to their recovery. 


Surgical Procedures


During surgical procedures, medical air is used in a few different ways to not only ensure patient safety, but also support the surgical team. Medical air powers surgical tools, such as pneumatic drills and surgical staplers, providing the force needed for precise and effective tissue manipulation. It  is also used in anesthesia delivery systems, allowing for a safe administration of anesthesia gases to patients. Medical air plays a critical role in maintaining a sterile environment in operating rooms by creating positive pressure, further preventing the entry of contaminants. 


Infection Control


Medical air is a key component in infection control measures within healthcare facilities. It is used to power equipment like air sterilizers and isolation room systems, which help maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone involved. By having a continuous flow of clean, filtered air, medical air helps prevent the spread of airborne contaminants, pathogens and allergens. Medical air is essential in reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections and maintaining a healthy environment for the patients with compromised immune systems. 


Quality Assurance


To ensure the quality and safety of medical air, healthcare facilities must adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines. At nexAir, all medical gases for hospitals, surgery centers, hyperbaric wound treatment centers, dental offices and home healthcare companies are produced at our FDA-compliant fill pants. We are equipped to mix, fill, test and deliver our blends for any application. You can rest assured that the medical gas you are receiving is the highest of quality and is safe for you, your team and your patients. If you are eager to learn more about medical gases and how you can get started with your own supply, please feel free to reach out. Our team is committed to helping you, your team and your patients Forge Forward in all that you do.

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