The Future of Construction Welding: Automation and Robotics

The Future of Construction Welding: Automation and Robotics

Welding is a crucial process in almost all construction projects.

Whether it’s creating residential buildings or embarking on large-scale civil engineering projects, professional welders and high-quality welding equipment are of the utmost importance. This makes sense, considering that welding is known for:

  • Creating strong and reliable joints.
  • Being a cost-effective process that makes use of minimal resources.
  • Its flexibility – which is well-suited for any kind of construction project.

The relationship between the fusing of two metals and construction projects has existed since welding was introduced 5,000 years ago. 

However, over the last couple of decades, with the introduction of new technology, robotics, and automated processes, this relationship has only grown stronger. 

What is automated welding?

Automated, or robotic welding, has been around since the 1960s, despite its futuristic name. It has since considerably eased the workload of welders — with programmable robots taking over repetitive processes, reducing error, and improving overall output.

Despite the high initial investment, automated processes have proven more affordable in the long run, as they can lower day-to-day operating costs.

This makes automation especially useful for large-scale projects that are typical of the construction industry.  

Benefits of Robotic Welding in Construction

As the world faces an imminent shortage of welders, the industry that relies most on these processes stands to benefit from automation. Let’s take a closer look at how. 

Improved Productivity 

Construction projects are notorious for often going over budget and exceeding timelines. But, with automated welding, workers can save a lot of time in assembling various parts. Machines can also work around the clock and on the weekends and other public holidays, further improving productivity.

Higher Quality Welds

To ensure structural integrity when constructing the foundation of a building, a bridge, or any other large-scale industrial project, workers require strong and durable welds. Any error in this regard could have catastrophic consequences. Automation, with its ability to reduce human error, can help maintain consistent welds. 

Enhanced Safety 

Both welders and construction site workers face several health and safety risks. Exposure to hazardous fumes, chemicals, and smoke increases their chances of contracting serious illnesses. But with automation taking over the most unsafe tasks, welders face fewer risks, and welding becomes a more attractive profession.

Lowers Environmental Footprint 

As climate concerns continue to mount, the construction industry is constantly looking for more environmentally-friendly practices to adopt. Automated welding, with its ability to reduce waste, optimize human resources, and completely streamline operations, allows the industry to lower its footprint significantly. 

Decreases Workload

There’s a lot of work to be done on a construction site. And considering every process requires the assistance of an expert welder, a large chunk of this burden falls on their shoulders. With automation taking over repetitive tasks, workers can focus on constructing more and faster. 

The Bottom Line: Forge Forward with Automation 

As construction welding embraces newer technologies, the services of companies like nexAir are also becoming increasingly important.

For over 80 years, nexAir has helped the Southeast Forge Forward with the highest quality welding supplies. Apart from offering the equipment required to fully automate construction welding processes, we also share the KnowHow required to train welders on adopting this technology. Contact us for a demo of our latest automated systems, and let’s Forge Forward into the future together.

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