The Ins and Outs of Blast Chilling and All That It Entails!

The Ins and Outs of Blast Chilling and All That it Entails!

What is blast chilling? 

Blast chilling is simply a method by which food is cooled quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from bacteria growth. The equipment used is called a blast chiller, which works by rapidly lowering the temperature of the food. This can also be referred to as a blast freezer or flash freezer. 

What is the temperature of a blast chiller?

While temperatures of a blast chiller can vary depending on the manufacturer, it has been reported that some blast chillers can drop the temperatures of food from 160 degrees F to 35 degrees F in just 4 hours. It is important to note that bacteria can be present and multiply at an increasing rate if temperatures stay between 140 and 40 degrees F. This is called the temperature danger zone. However, blast chillers can reduce those temperatures quickly, keeping them out of that zone. 

Benefits of Blast Chilling

Blast chilling is popular because it lengthens the shelf life of the food that we eat, as well as helps to reduce food waste. Specifically, restaurants are able to blast chill food, thaw it and then serve it at or close to the original quality of the food when it was first purchased. Other benefits of blast chilling include: 

  • Retains important nutrients
  • Helps to maintain the quality of the food products
  • Extends shelf life of already prepared items
  • Prevents rapid bacteria growth
  • Allows you to cool down food quickly when cooking

Why Blast Chilling Is Important

Blast chilling is an important addition to any kitchen or facility that is storing food for long periods of time. This method works great in increasing efficiency and improving the overall quality of your food. By prolonging the shelf life, you are reducing unnecessary food waste, as well as preventing any food-borne diseases that could potentially arise. If you are storing food for long periods of time and find yourself waiting for it to cool, investing in a blast chiller may be a good idea. 

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