The Microbulk System: A Balanced Solution for Your Gas Needs

Volume requirements for gas may vary, but if there’s one thing everyone needs – it’s an uninterrupted supply.

If your company has a growing demand for industrial gas but has to operate within budget requirements or limited spaces, nexAir has the right solution for you.

Microbulk Meets You Right Where You Are
The microbulk system is a compact, on-site refillable tank that costs less than a bulk storage system, but still provides a reliable flow of high-quality gas supply in your facility.

It is an intermediate between gas cylinders and bulk systems and a suitable option for your business if bulk volumes exceed your needs but cylinder tanks are too small and burdensome to manage. It’s especially a smart supply solution for companies that need a permanent installation of tanks from 450 to 7,000 liters for on-site filling.

Because of its capacity and cost-efficient features, many companies in various industries have taken the microbulk route to keep their supply flow and costs optimally balanced.

Benefits of the Microbulk System
Let’s explore the range of benefits this smart storage system offers, from operational efficiency to cost savings and all other value-adding gains in between.

It Maximizes Efficiency
– Choose from a range of sizes from 450 liters to 3,000 liters to fit your volume needs.
– Includes a high-precision programmable gauge.
– Helps with inventory management via a telemetry-ready system for remote monitoring.
– No-loss filling process done through our automated system for truck deliveries.
– Eliminates cylinder handling and inventory management chores.
– No lost gas from idle cylinders venting or residual product leftover inside cylinders.
– Availability of gas mixers for blending common gas mixtures such as Ar/ CO2 or Ar/O2.
– Provides you with an uninterrupted gas supply to reliably meet your production requirements.

It Renders Consistent Quality
– Availability of ultra-high purity tank systems.
– Ideal for laboratory applications.
– Steady access to gases ideal for welding applications.
– Provides a dedicated tank for your application’s exclusive use.
– No contamination from recycled cylinders.
– Get one high-purity gas source for multiple machines.

It Enhances Safety In The Workplace
– Requires lower operating pressure than high-pressure cylinders.
– Reduces injuries related to cylinder handling and storage.

It Provides Savings in Many Ways
– Reduces product usage to 40% as it eliminates cylinder venting gas loss and unused leftovers in cylinders.
– Reduces costs incurred from manual cylinder handling and insurance.
– Frees up work and storage space in your site due to its compact size and efficiency.
– Prevents floor damage and reduces facility maintenance costs.

Leverage Microbulk With The nexAir KnowHow
Our team of experts in microbulk systems will help assess which microbulk solution is best for you based on your volume demand, applications, budget, and physical facility.

Through all phases, from preparation to execution, we’ll provide a wide range of support including installation, product and safety training sessions, changeover supervision, and responsive customer service.

We also provide seamless monitoring, ordering and delivery tracking systems so you can focus on enhancing your productivity.

Your Reservoir Of Growth Capabilities
If you’ve been exploring solutions to your gas volume and supply issues, microbulk systems may be the solution for you.

With this top-of-the-line technology coupled with nexAir’s KnowHow, experience, and expertise, we’ll help your business Forge Forward ahead of your competition.

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