The Cold Standard: Dry Ice Solutions for Sample Storage and Preservation

The pharmaceutical and chemical research fields are constantly evolving, and if one thing is for sure, precision and accuracy plays a huge role in ensuring that the quality and reliability of these projects remain consistent. Within the variety of tools that researchers in the industry reach for, speciality gases stand out as a top – and absolutely necessary – choice. 

At nexAir, we are proud to provide the pharmaceutical and chemical research industry with the speciality gases that they need to Forge Forward. With our instrument-grade and ultra-high-purity gases, we meet the strictest standards of quality around. Let us apply our KnowHow and share a bit more on the power of precision and uses of these gases within the industry. 

Ensuring accurate measurements

At the center of pharmaceutical and chemical research lies the need for precise measurements. Whether it is determining the concentration of a compound or analyzing reaction kinetics, accuracy is key. Speciality gases like high-purity nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide act as essential calibration standards for analytical instruments. These gases allow researchers to fine-tune their equipment, ensuring that measurements are reliable and consistent the whole way through. By using these gases, scientists can establish and maintain the accuracy of their analytical tools, further enhancing the credibility of their findings. 

Enabling optimal conditions

In pharmaceutical and chemical research, the creation and maintenance of controlled environments are crucial. Ultra-high purity gases aid in establishing and preserving these precise conditions. Whether it is maintaining an inert atmosphere for the more sensitive reactions, or creating custom gas mixtures for experimentation, these gases provide the necessary control to ensure the reproducibility of results. The ability to regulate the environment empowers researchers to conduct experiments under ideal conditions, leading to more dependable outcomes. 

Facilitating complex processes

The synthesis and analysis of pharmaceuticals and chemicals demand a particular attention to detail. Speciality gases are critical when it comes to enabling and refining these intricate processes. For example, inert gases like nitrogen and argon shield reactive compounds from undesired interactions, contributing to the integrity of delicate substances during synthesis. The use of these gases not only enhances the quality of the research but also encourages further advancements in drug development and chemical innovation. 

Innovating with precision

As there continues to be advancements in pharmaceutical and chemical research, the role of speciality gases is predicted to expand even further. With a growing emphasis on precision and reproducibility, the demand for gases that offer unmatched purity and accuracy will only increase. 

You and your team can rely on nexAir to be the provider of these gases – mixed, filled, tested and delivered to meet the unique needs of your project. And when you have questions or need advice along the way, you can lean into our KnowHow. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team today so we can Forge Forward together into the future.

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