The Role of a Route Driver at nexAir: Responsibilities and Skills Required

The Role of a Route Driver at nexAir: Responsibilities and Skills Required

With over 80 years of experience as a trusted supplier of industrial gas and welding supplies, nexAir has made a name for itself across the Southeast.

Our clients include professionals from across industries. Whether you’re a surgeon prepping for an operation or an engineer developing parts in the aerospace sector, chances are you’re benefitting from one of our high-quality products.

Over the years, we’ve assembled a team of experts eager to share their KnowHow with various companies and professionals. Currently, we’re looking to expand even further with exciting new opportunities for qualified candidates.

Let’s learn more about what it takes to be a nexAir route driver.

Wanted: nexAir’s Next Route Driver

Route drivers are an integral part of nexAir’s operations. These transport professionals are responsible for delivering our product to businesses, clients, and various institutions. Apart from meeting client needs and deadlines with prompt deliveries, our route drivers are also problem-solving experts.

Given that nexAir is a leading industrial gas supplier, our cargo route drivers are expected to deliver compressed gas cylinders and liquid cylinders that must be handled according to strict safety procedures. 

Route Driver: Job Specifications

Our robust and expert route drivers are tasked with: 

  • Delivering cylinders to customers as well as returning empty cylinders to the plant
  • Maintaining documentation regarding their load before and after deliveries
  • Communicating with customers which requires a general understanding of the product, cost, delivery times, etc.
  • Operating warehouse equipment such as forklifts, or pallet jacks
  • Being aware of and strictly adhering to all safety processes related to delivery

Required Qualifications 

Our route drivers need the following qualifications: 

  • A high school diploma (we also consider general education degrees)
  • At least a year of driving experience 
  • A class A or B commercial driver’s license with a HazMat endorsement
  • Meet physical qualifications 
  • Comprehension skills for reading material safety data sheets
  • Willingness and flexibility to work in shifts

nexAir doesn’t take this role lightly. We value resilience in our drivers. They must be willing and able to walk on concrete for long periods as well as handle cylinders that weigh between 150 and 600 pounds on a daily basis.

Route drivers also work closely with hazardous materials. Apart from enduring harsh weather conditions, they are also at a higher risk of electrical shocks. This is why we prize safety and implement suitable protocols, including providing our drivers with quality protective equipment. 

Overall, the route driver role is a rewarding position that offers the chance to work with experts from various industries. It also opens opportunities for upskilling and advancement.

Forge Forward with nexAir

When you join the nexAir team, you aren’t just getting a job. Voted one of the best-managed companies of 2020, we also offer: 

  • Competitive rewards
  • Full insurance coverage, including dental and vision 
  • Financial incentives for further education 
  • Comprehensive retirement plans

Come join our team and let’s Forge Forward together! 

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