The Role of Industrial Gas Experts in Modern Manufacturing

The Role of Industrial Gas Experts in Modern Manufacturing

The global industrial gas market is massive, with the manufacturing industry being one of its most important drivers. Manufacturing was valued at USD 99.99 billion in 2022, and is expected to continue ballooning at a compound annual growth rate of 7.42% until 2023.

Almost every stage of the manufacturing process relies on a supply of high-quality industrial gas — whether it’s to foster innovation in welding and metal fabrication, ensure environmentally sustainable building practices, or establish improved safety features in the automotive industry.

That said, industrial gases come with their fair share of risks.

For instance, a small leak in a cylinder can cost a company dearly. Hence, companies must always have sufficient safety protocols in place to prevent accidents,  injuries, and death.

The Role of the Industrial Gas Expert

To help ensure industrial gases’ optimal use and enable modern manufacturing companies to Forge Forward , there is a growing need for industrial gas consultants who have the right KnowHow.

With the help of these experts, companies engaged in manufacturing can: 

Improve Efficiency

Gases used in manufacturing are a precious resource. The world is currently dealing with a crippling shortage of helium, for instance, which has several welding applications. With the right KnowHow, industrial gas experts can help companies employ processes that use these assets more efficiently, as well as introduce newer technologies that reduce their reliance on these valuable gases.

Lessen Environmental Impact

Industrial gases are dangerous to work with. They are highly flammable, toxic, and can release large amounts of greenhouse gases. When not used or stored properly, gas-related incidents could have adverse impacts on the environment.

As attention shifts towards adopting more sustainable practices, modern manufacturing companies can rely on the KnowHow of experts to lessen the blow. By adhering to better storage practices, reducing usage, and avoiding contamination, businesses can develop a greener footprint while making progressive strides in their fields.

Get the Most Out of Processes

Modern manufacturing relies heavily on innovation and staying up-to-date with the latest regulations and practices. When working with industrial gas, this could involve working on existing infrastructure to get the most out of a company’s resources.

An expert can help a manufacturing company achieve these goals in many ways. They could, for example, introduce new automated processes when dealing with industrial gases which can help reduce waste and human error.

Maintain Equipment Better

A lot of the waste reported by manufacturing companies comes from malfunctioning equipment. When dealing with precious gases, malfunctions could have a severe financial impact. 

An expert can step in here as well. Apart from optimizing a company’s use of these gases, they can help identify issues related to supply, malfunctioning equipment, or inefficient processes, and offer the support required to fix these problems.

By dealing with all these problems at the root, and employing experts who can recommend suitable fixes, companies engaged in manufacturing can shift their attention toward what’s really important — innovation, operations, and the bottom line. 

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