The Secret Ingredient for Longer-Lasting Produce: Nitrogen Gas in Food Packaging

When it comes to preserving the freshness of produce, the packaging that surrounds it plays a big role. One popular method for extending the shelf life of perishable goods actually involves the use of nitrogen gas. 

Nitrogen, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, is a common element in the universe, making up 80% of the atmospheric air we breathe. At nexAir, we provide customers from all industries with high quality, reliable supplies of nitrogen in gaseous and liquid forms. Lean into our KnowHow as we delve into the benefits and applications of nitrogen gas in food packaging, along with its role as the secret ingredient for longer lasting produce. 

The role of nitrogen gas in food packaging

Due to its inert nature, nitrogen is an ideal gas when it comes to displacing oxygen in food packaging. When used in modified atmosphere packaging, also known as MAP, nitrogen helps to create an environment that slows down the natural degradation of fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods. 

How nitrogen preserves freshness

Oxygen displacement – By replacing the oxygen inside the food packaging with nitrogen, the rate of oxidation is significantly reduced. This slows down the process of decay, helping to maintain the color, texture and nutritional value of the packaged produce. 

Inhibition of microbial growth – Nitrogen’s presence in the packaging inhibits any growth of aerobic bacteria, yeasts and molds, which all require oxygen to thrive. This helps to reduce the risk of spoilage and extends the shelf life of the packaged goods. 

Advantages of nitrogen gas packaging 

Prolonged shelf life – The use of nitrogen gas in food packaging has been proven to extend the shelf life of produce, further leading to reduced food waste and increased product quality. 

Preservation of nutritional value – By minimizing oxidation and microbial growth, nitrogen gas packaging helps to retain the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, making sure that consumers receive products with a higher nutritional value. 

The future of nitrogen gas in food packaging

As the demand for fresh and minimally processed produce continues to rise, nitrogen gas packaging is expected to play an important role in the food industry. With ongoing research and technological advancements, the utilization of nitrogen gas is likely to expand to a wider range of perishable goods, further contributing to reduced food waste and improved food quality for consumers. 

At nexAir, we continue to provide consistent quality crafted to inspire confident dependability. Not only do we provide the gases used, but we also go step further in fully understanding your business, your goals and your needs. It is important for us to share our KnowHow to allow you to get the most out of our gases, like nitrogen gas, in order to Forge Forward into a positive – and fresher – future. If you are interested in learning more or getting started, please contact our team of experts today.

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