The Skinny On 75/25 Premium Gas

The Skinny On 75/25 Premium Gas

The process of welding involves the use of different kinds of gases and their combinations. You can pick from various welding gases, choosing what works best for the metal you’re welding.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is very popular amongst welders, both beginners and professionals alike. Typically, a 75/25 mix of Argon and CO2 delivers satisfactory results on most metals.

If you want to ensure consistent and aesthetic results with welding, the 75/25 Premium Gas from nexAir is an excellent choice.

Why Argon as Shielding Gas

Shielding gases are responsible for preventing molten metals from being exposed to atmospheric oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Since the exposure of the weld pool could lead to disasters like porosity and excessive spatter, using a shielding gas is highly recommended.

Inert gases easily resist chemical reactions, which translates to minimal weld spatter. Argon is used most frequently amongst the six noble gases; helium is a close second. Combining Argon with CO2 helps reduce the costs, given that noble gases are quite expensive.

The 75/25 mix of Argon and CO2 is chosen most often as it delivers consistent results, ensures arc stability, maintains puddle control, and has low spatter. The mixture also allows for spray transfer. This makes the welding process easier, more productive, and yields visually appealing results.

Argon, especially, produces wider but shallow weld penetration, which is highly beneficial for fillet and butt welds. We recommend this mixture if you’re working on thin metals like sheet metals since the mixture works great with the short circuit mode of metal transfer. If you’re using flux-cored wire (flux-cored arc welding process), the 75/25 mixture can also be used on thick materials.

The Argon also keeps the flame steady, so you can weld without any disruption to your handiwork.

Forge Forward with nexAir

Using the 75/25 Premium Gas allows for welders to enjoy better performance and ensures less gas waste.

Our extensive KnowHow also ensures that Argon and CO2 are mixed properly to avoid stratification. Improper mixing of the gases can result in the Argon gas rising to the top of the gas cylinder. Such a stratified gas mixture would alter the composition of the gas; as argon is used first, its decrease would lead to increased spatter and fumes.

The Premium Gas at nexAir is mixed precisely to maintain consistency; after all, we aim to help our customers Forge Forward — high productivity at an affordable price!

We follow the highest safety standards and offer the best quality. We understand that each gas has unique properties and needs to be handled in a specific manner. At nexAir, not only do we have skilled personnel for mixing, testing, and delivering any gas or blend but our high-volume fill plant is also equipped to handle any amount required.

We, at nexAir, affirm that our 75/25 gas is your best bet for mild steel as well as nonferrous metals. It’s cost-effective, efficient, and most of all, a product you can count on!

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