Top Industries That Use Argon Gas

Top Industries That Use Argon Gas

Argon gas has unique inert properties that many industries find beneficial in terms of performance optimization, quality improvement, cost reduction, and much more. nexAir has the technical KnowHow of their applications of argon and other high-quality gases across different industries. The company’s knowledge and expertise in gas supply help businesses such as yours to Forge Forward and achieve that significant breakthrough.

Keep reading to learn more about argon and how it is applied in various industries

What is Argon gas?

Argon is one of the six noble gases and its scientific name is Ar.

The gas is inert, odorless, and colorless, making it ideal for the welding industry and fluorescent lights. The name Argon comes from the Greek word for “lazy,” referencing the mild manner in which it reacts to form compounds.

The available Argon on Earth is the isotope Argon-40 and forms when potassium-40 undergoes a decaying radioactive process. In space, the gas forms in stars after two hydrogen nuclei fuse with silicon-32 to create isotope Argon-36.

At the moment, argon makes up 0.94% of Earth’s atmosphere, which translates to about 65 trillion metric tons. The number increases with the increased decay of potassium-40. However, you cannot just obtain this gas. You needed sophisticated equipment to separate it from the atmosphere.

The following are some industries that use Argon gas:

Argon in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most prominent beneficiaries of argon. Some of the applications that the gas offers in this sector include retinal phototherapy and retinal detachment for diabetic patients. The use of argon in the medical field as a surgical tool emanates from its ability to target areas with high precision and its potential protective properties.

Argon uses in lighting

Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are filled with argon to prevent oxidization of the hot filament. Without adding argon in these light bulbs, the filament would react with oxygen to effectively reduce the light bulb life. That saves money as you no longer have to deal with frequent and repeated cases of light bulb replacement.

Why do welders use argon?

The primary use of argon falls within the welding domain, where welders use it as an inert shielding agent. It protects the molten metal from oxidation and contamination caused by atmospheric gases. When helium is added, argon’s heat transfer properties improve while combining argon with oxygen or carbon dioxide stabilizes the welding arc.

Manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector has diverse uses of argon. For instance, the gas cuts back on chromium losses during the manufacturing of steel in a converter. Doing so helps achieve the desired carbon levels at lower temperatures. On the other hand, the manufacturing of aluminum requires argon to remove hydrogen.

Using Argon gas for home fixtures

It’s not just industries that have use-cases for argon. Homes also have different scenarios where argon gas is required. Apart from incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, other household items contain argon. For instance, it is required in double-glazed windows designed to be energy-efficient.

How argon helps preserve documents

National archives worldwide rely on argon to preserve essential documents. Since argon is an inert gas, it does not facilitate organic decay, as is the case with oxygen. The preservative environment used for the documents comprises an oxygen-free atmosphere.

Wrap up

As discussed above, the utterly inert argon gas is required by various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, welding, and document preservation. You can confidently rely on nexAir for a high-quality argon gas supply. nexAir services cut across different industries, including medical, metal fabrication, and Universities and Research. Get in touch today for a detailed discussion of your gas supply needs.

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