Using Dry Ice Blasting to Remove Paint

Using dry ice blasting to remove paint

Will dry ice blasting remove paint? 


The short answer is, yes. Dry ice blasting works really well at removing paint, actually. This method uses carbon dioxide pellets, also known as dry ice pellets, to clean surfaces. The dry ice pellets are placed into a pressurized stream which is sent off at high speeds to remove surface contaminants – and yes, paint included. 


At nexAir, our team offers services, equipment and dry ice to meet your needs for removing paint with dry ice blasting. 


What is dry ice blasting? 


As mentioned, dry ice is simply the solid form of carbon dioxide. It does not have a liquid state at atmospheric pressure, instead, it immediately sublimates directly from a solid state to a gas state – making it a great tool for many different uses. For example, dry ice blasting takes the dry ice in a pellet form and uses a pressurized stream to get rid of contaminants safely, and effectively. With dry ice blasting, the operator needs very little equipment and can easily remove biofilm, oil, paint and more from various types of surfaces. 


What are the benefits of dry ice blasting?


People don’t just use dry ice blasting for fun and games – it has many great benefits, for the environment and for the bank. At nexAir, we take pride in the services we offer and techniques that we preach on. Dry ice blasting is just one of the many industry practices that we stand behind for reasons such as: 


  • No harsh chemicals are being used, resulting in this method being extremely safe for the environment by leaving no toxic waste behind. 
  • Every clean is near perfect and just as good, if not better, than other traditional cleaning practices.
  • The CO2 pellets are non-abrasive and non-flammable, leaving the entire dry ice blasting process a lot safer and less risky than other methods. 
  • By reducing the amount of waste, extra chemicals and equipment, dry ice blasting is much more cost-effective in the long run. 


Overall, dry ice blasting is an effective and efficient paint removal method and has many other great benefits. This practice is excellent at stripping away paint and other contaminants without being too harsh and damaging the surface. At nexAir, we continue to use our industry KnowHow to help our customers Forge Forward. Please contact our team with any questions you may have on dry ice blasting – we’d love to chat. 


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