Welding Automation and Decreased Operating Costs

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Ready to save time, energy and money when it comes to your welding operations? You’ve found the right place! Welding automation has taken over numerous industries due to its convenience, higher-quality welds and overall efficiency. Investing in welding automation with improved technologies can dramatically improve quality and reduce the unnecessary costs that are put towards labor, material wastage, repairs and other unplanned occurrences. 


Keep reading for more insight on how welding automation can decrease operating costs and help you Forge Forward.




Automation dramatically reduces the amount of time and effort that go towards a project, as well as the number of hands it takes to get the job done effectively. Manufacturers and business owners have to keep in mind the time that welders put into a single project, which can be tricky due to each individual skill set and unique situation. Human labor costs are continually going up as physical jobs are becoming less desired. With automation, there is less need to rely on welders, therefore reducing the amount of money spent on labor time. 




Welding automation can also reduce costs due to its efficiency. One robot can take over the workload of several human hands due to its high speed and ability to run for a longer period of time. By paying the upfront fee to purchase a robot, you are significantly increasing the number of projects you can take on during the day, overall sales and productivity. 


Save Time Training


Did you know that welding automation can not only save the amount of time you take getting the job done, but also save you time when it comes to training new employees? Training welders is a critical task and when done properly, takes time and money. However, with automated welding, you can allow your more trained welders to complete the more complex welds and let the robot take on the rest. 


Minimize Material Wastage


With its spot-on precision, welding automation reduces the number of errors throughout the process, further resulting in fewer materials being used and less waste being produced. The automation accuracy prevents all of the mistakes that can typically happen which leads to rework and more materials being put to use. Welding automation technology has been programmed to operate in a precise way that gets the job done accurately, the first time around. 


In conclusion, investing in welding automation can dramatically reduce the costs that it takes to operate your business by increasing efficiency, saving time and minimizing material wastage. As always, we want to see our customers Forge Forward in all the projects that they encounter. Take advantage of our expert KnowHow and feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have. Thank you for choosing nexAir! 

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