Welding Automation and Enhanced Work Safety

Welding Automation and Enhanced Work Safety

Welding automation has become widely used in various industries especially in manufacturing due to its numerous benefits. Higher output, fewer human errors, and reduced hazards have made robotic welding a good capital investment for businesses that value profits and people.

Because of welding automation, increased productivity and increased employee wellbeing have become less mutually exclusive. Business owners don’t need to choose one and compromise the other. They can have both.

Since welding involves heat, gas fumes, and electricity, manual welding means exposure to health and safety risks. When hazards like these are constantly present in one’s line of work, dissatisfaction may soon follow. Physical and mental fatigue can put a strain on workers that can lead to frequent sick leaves, higher attrition rates, and inefficiencies.

Clearly, automated welding processes, whether partial or full, significantly enhance worker safety. With the right training and procedures, it can create a better environment for employees that result in optimum performance.

Here are some of the main benefits that welding automation offers in terms of health and safety:

Reduces Accidents and Injuries
According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), common welding-related injuries include eye or hand damage, cuts, burns, and electric shock.

Even with proper personal protective equipment (PPE), accidents can still happen in a split second with one wrong move. Even seasoned professionals with the steadiest hands, great attention to detail, and good eye-hand coordination aren’t exempt from this risk.

Programmed automation has mechanized units in place that are powered to perform precise actions. As such, it takes the bulk of the precarious work away from welders and eliminates risk by handling automatic repetitive tasks. The machine tackles the dangerous aspects of the job, putting the worker out of harm’s way.

Limits Exposure to Respiratory and Skin Health Hazards
Manual welding requires working closely with welding materials which can mean ingesting or being in contact with toxic fumes. This can result in respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, asthma, throat irritation, upper respiratory diseases, or lung cancer. Skin problems like burns, skin ruptures, and irritation can also happen.

With automation, operators don’t need to be near the welding process and are therefore less exposed to noxious gases. With the proper PPE and the appropriate work protocols, health risks are significantly reduced.

Eliminates Work-Related Posture Problems
Prolonged and uncomfortable positions while working can cause musculoskeletal disorders. These can have adverse permanent effects on a welder’s posture and locomotor movements. Also, constant physical strain on their hands, wrists, arms, neck, shoulders, and backs can lead to chronic pain and worn bodies.

The good news is that welders no longer have to be subjected to such physical stress. 

Welding robots are designed to perform repeated tasks that humans have limited capacity for. Automation units are structured and engineered to perform specific work and only need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently.

Reduces Stress in the Workplace
When workers know that the company promotes safety in the workplace, they gain peace of mind and satisfaction. When the potential for harm is reduced, anxiety and stress become much lower. Workers who have less mental and physical stress perform better at work.

This often results in a lower attrition rate and a more positive and productive atmosphere on production floors.

Forge Forward with Employee Safety and Wellbeing
At nexAir, we help you empower your people by providing them with safe work environments through automation. With our shared KnowHow, you can optimize your processes, productivity, and output. 

Employee well-being has a great impact on your company’s performance and how your workers perceive you. With welding automation, you can promote employee health and safety while reaching for success. 


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