What are Sustainable Gas Cylinders?

What are Sustainable Gas Cylinders?

In case you didn’t know, sustainability has made its way to the gas industry – and let us tell you, it’s worth the investment! To get a little more specific, most gases can be purchased in environmentally friendly cylinders, also known as sustainable gas cylinders. At nexAir, we offer PortaGreen to all of our customers, allowing them to participate in a recyclable cylinder program – reducing costs, waste and lots of time. PortaGreen gas cylinders can conveniently be returned by using their Strip and Ship program – making the process a breeze for everyone involved. It is no secret that we do what it takes to help our customers Forge Forward in all that they do, and the PortaGreen program allows us to do just that, and then some! Keep reading to lean on our KnowHow and learn more about this innovative gas cylinder switch that you can make. 

Benefits of PortaGreen 

PortaGreen comes in four different cylinder sizes, ranging from 34L to 116L. This alone allows us to ensure our customers are getting the exact amount of gases they are looking for, for each specific project they are tackling. While PortaGreen is a sustainable practice, reducing the amount of waste and disposal, there are actually quite a few other benefits that keep our customers coming back for more. To start, these sustainable cylinders help to improve cylinder handling and safety. Here’s how: 

  • The cylinders are more compact than the standard cylinders that you typically receive
  • They eliminate HAZMAT liability of disposal
  • There is an increased shelf life and gas stability

Another significant factor contributing to the appeal of PortaGreen cylinders is that the return process has been made easy – for your convenience. Standard cylinder disposal has quite a few steps, which can sometimes take time and extra patience. However, these are the key features and benefits of the PortaGreen process: 

  • As mentioned, steps typically associated with the standard cylinder disposal process are eliminated
  • Zero return paperwork required
  • Saves money! No disposal or return fees
  • You can probably guess the next benefit – reduces carbon footprint! 

The Return Process – Made Easy!

Returning your PortaGreen cylinders is easier than you may think. It can be broken down into just three simple steps: 

  • Make sure your gauge reads zero
  • Strip off the content label to reveal the prepaid return label below it
  • Provide prelabeled cylinder to the carrier for an easy return 

…and that’s it, you’re good to go! 

Is making the switch to sustainable cylinders right for you? 

If you are looking to save time, money and help contribute to creating a greener, more efficient Earth – this is for you! As always, our nexAir crew is here to help guide you and answer any questions you may have to ensure this is a good fit for you and your business.

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