What form of dry ice is right for me? 

What form of dry ice is right for me? 

You know all about dry ice and have decided to invest in this cooling method for your business, project, etc. But, you didn’t realize there are a few different forms of dry ice, each serving a special purpose. Now what? We’ll compare the four different options in this article and guide you with our knowledge of dry ice. 

For starters, there are four different forms of dry ice:

  • Dry ice sliced blocks
  • Dry ice pellets
  • Dry ice blocks
  • Dry ice blasting rice

They all serve different purposes that are specific to whatever the job may be. It is important to know about each of the forms on their own so that you can be confident during your next project. Keep reading as we dig deeper into the types of dry ice. 

Dry ice sliced blocks
Sliced dry ice is best used for shipping materials such as medical supplies and perishable food items. This form of dry ice is typically wrapped in plastic and is easy to box up and send off. If you are looking for a simple way to keep your products nice and cold during a trip from the warehouse to the consumer’s doorstep, this is a great option for you. 

Dry ice blocks
Dry ice blocks are similar to sliced blocks, just a lot larger. This is a good option for industrial use and keeping items colder, for longer periods of time. Dry ice blocks are also a good option for long-lasting shipping and storage. 

Dry ice pellets
Dry ice pellets are used for smaller-scale shipping and projects. For example, dry ice pellets can be used for teaching purposes, in the lab or to help make cool theatrical smoke effects. This is the form of dry ice that people tend to have a bit more fun with. 

Dry ice blasting rice
Dry ice rice is used during the dry ice blasting process, specifically to clean surfaces. It comes in a smaller form and is easy to use. This form of dry ice is the best for business owners looking to get the most efficient clean for their clients. 

At nexAir, we provide many different industries with the highest quality of dry ice, specific to their needs and projects. Next time you find yourself searching for any form of dry ice, you can count on our KnowHow to help guide you towards the right product for your company. Feel free to contact us before you get started and we will point you in the right direction to Forge Forward. 


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