What Is a Robotic Welding System?

What is a robotic welding system?

Whether it is a simple or complex project, robotic welding systems can dramatically improve your welding processes by increasing productivity, profitability and adaptability – all while reducing the time and effort it takes to complete the project. At nexAir, we provide our customers with top-of-the-line equipment, service and training, to ensure a successful weld every single time. Before you make the switch, lean into our KnowHow to learn more about the robotic welding system and its features.

The Robot That Is Changing the Welding Industry

The robotic welding system automates those tedious, everyday tasks and can offer many benefits to companies, no matter the size. However, robotic welding does not completely take out the middle man, aka the “human”. Robotic welding is an advanced version of automated welding – machines conduct the welding, while welders are still controlling and supervising the process. The robots are able to perform basic and complex tasks while providing quick, yet precise results. With robotic welding, the robots can get into those hard-to-reach places and complete complicated weld lines, whereas, with manual welding, it’s a bit harder to do. Robotic welding is extremely beneficial and can adapt to almost any welding process or task.

Key Usages of Robotic Welding

  • Shorter welds with curved surfaces and repeatable parts
  • Mass production
  • Simple, predictable actions
  • Can also be used for longer welds with the help of external axes

Benefits of the Robotic Welding System

  • Increase productivity – reducing assembly time and aids in 24/7 mass production
  • Consistent product quality – automation helps reduce errors and variabilities, promoting higher control and consistency
  • Decreases workload – having a robot doing the majority of the physical labor leaves more time for the operator to focus on other, more important projects and tasks
  • Decreases operating costs – robots can replace the work of several people, as well as minimize material wastage, decreasing material costs
  • Enhanced work safety – reduces operator fatigue and keeps employees away from the more dangerous environments

In our opinion, investing in a robotic welding system is 100% beneficial to not only your business but to your employees, yourself and everyone else involved. If you are interested in making the switch to robotic welding for your production and operations, please contact us at nexAir today. We would love to discuss our products and services and answer any questions you may have. As always, we look forward to chatting with you!

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