What is Fixed Automation Welding?

What is Fixed Automation Welding?

When it comes to welding, we know that it is not a one size fits all process. Every situation and project requires a different level of attention, time, equipment and expertise. At nexAir, we use our applied industry KnowHow to allow our customers to understand the ins and outs of welding, in order to continue to Forge Forward in every project they take on. Fixed automation welding, also known as hard automation welding can be defined as an automated production process where a sequence of operations is fixed by the configuration. This is done by using one single consistent motion. Fixed automation is typically used for projects that involve long, repeatable welds. 


How does Fixed Automation work? 


Fixed automation utilizes a welding gun that is held in a “fixed” position, while supporting equipment is used to position the work in linear and rotational motions. The mechanical systems are able to quickly and efficiently preform precise, repetitive tasks. Where there is a high production need, fixed automation can come in handy.


Advantages of Fixed Automation Welding


The upfront cost of fixed automation Welding may be on the pricier side, but it can definitely be considered an excellent investment for your business once up and running. There are a few notable benefits of utilizing Fixed Automation and we have used our KnowHow to lay them out for you. 


  • Fixed automation is great for larger operations that produce a countless supply of parts and products that rely on accurate, repeatable quality every time. With specifications and a fixed welding gun, you can get that desired consistency every time. Think of it this way. While your employees may be trained and able to knock out all of their projects on time, they may not always be getting that exact weld or exact quality with every single part if they are working on a bigger project. Fixed automation can help with that and free up some extra time for more important jobs. 
  • Another advantage to using fixed automation is the cost. With these bigger operations, you are able to produce a bigger output, in less time. That alone makes this process a bit more cost effective in the end. 
  • The machine itself is easy to use and requires little to no training to operate. That allows your employees to focus on what they know, which is the welding that comes along with the project. With fixed automation, the setup time and complexity is reduced significantly. 


Fixed automation welding is a great choice for welders who have large, repetitive projects. It can reduce the time, cost and energy that is typically put into these simple tasks. At nexAir, we will continue to educate and inform our customers – especially when it comes to welding and automation services. If you have any questions in regards to fixed automation, or are interested in one of our nexAir services, please reach out! As always, thank you for choosing nexAir! 

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